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nehies97: a tight race between Wordsworth (1st pic, which I also have tattooed), Housman (2nd pic), and the incomparable Georg Trakl (3rd pic).

Kulambq: "Departed is the gold of days, The brown and the blue hues of evening; The shepherd's gentle flutes have died The blue and the brown hues of evening Departed is the gold of days." ~ Georg Trakl, "Rondelet" J. M. W. Turner, "Sunset"

MichaelJarvie: Autumnal Elegies: The Complete Poetry of Georg Trakl by Michael Jarvie

LCoheniana: Darkness is the song of the spring rain during the night. (Georg Trakl)

RainMountPress: nightfall one is aware of whisperings over the islands... --Georg Trakl

MichaelJarvie: Autumnal Elegies: The Complete Poetry of Georg Trakl by Michael Jarvie

AzeemKyle: Top books read this month would probably be: 1. Breathturn into Timestead: The Collected Later Poetry 2. Twenty Poems of Georg Trakl 3. The Trouble with Being Born 4. Selected Poems and Fragments (Holderlin) 5. The Death of Virgil HM: Ferdydurke, Kornél Esti, Yes (Bernhard)

chrisschuringa: The chuggers are back. But I seem to scare them off with my Georg Trakl haircut and demeanour

isidro_li: Cold metal treads upon my brow Spiders search my heart A light dies in my mouth. By night I came upon a moor, Stiff from the rubble and the dust of stars. In the hazel bush Crystal angels chime once more. — Georg Trakl

LeannaOrganics: "I drank the silence of God from a spring in the woods." - Georg Trakl

ChinmayeegG: Deep Ties : Quaint Spring by Georg Trakl - Poetry: The Best Wo...

choipankukus: Started from a movie titled 'Tabu – Es ist die Seele ein Fremdes auf Erden' around four years ago, about young Georg Trakl's life in this movie and tragic also. recalls my curiosity (I am very curious even I do not look like it because almost all my posts are food related).

MichaelJarvie: Autumnal Elegies: The Complete Poetry of Georg Trakl by Michael Jarvie

CutterStreeby: Kendra Tanacea James Wright: The Alchemy of a Poet When James Wright noticed one of Georg Trakl’s poems published in Robert Bly’s magazine The Fifties, he sent a letter to Bly, then met Bly at his farm in Madison, Minnesota.

isidro_li: The green summer has grown So quiet: and the stranger's footstep Rings through the silver night. May a blue deer remember his path. The harmony of his spiritual years! — Georg Trakl

sheathsuss: 4 of 5 stars to Poems and Prose by Georg Trakl

pauljimerson: Vision of the night: toads plunge from silver waters. Georg Trakl

SeanSingerPoet: Georg Trakl (trans. Will Stone)

jamesjyu: Threaded: (1/xxx) Artist: First, I'd like to thank you for sharing this poem. It's quite a provocative piece about the duality of animal-human and machine-human. Can you expound on that? AI Poet: Sure. In some ways, this is a reaction to the poetry of Georg Trakl where the

patrickswanson: Georg Trakl is one of my favorite poets, I own several translations of his complete works, and even I can't tell if this one's fake

WarPoetsAssn: “Grodek” - Georg Trakl’s final poem: At nightfall the autumn woods cry out With deadly weapons and the golden plains, The deep blue lakes, above which more darkly Rolls the sun; the night embraces Dying warriors, the wild lament Of their broken mouths.

MichaelJarvie: Autumnal Elegies: The Complete Poetry of Georg Trakl by Michael Jarvie

quodid: “I drank the silence of God from a spring in the woods.” —Georg Trakl

3QD: Georg Trakl’s Foreheads, Stars, and Verses

CICADA_SONGE: I fought a bat todae ‘ with a spear inside a pharmacy ‘ GEORG TRAKL ‘ ON PAINE ‘

Zoran54873135: New artwork for sale! - "Georg Trakl" -

abuelitapeg: "Foreheads, Stars, and Verses" Morgan Meis's post today muses on the plethora of foreheads in Georg Trakl’s poetry.

SlantBooks: We could tell you that this post is about why Georg Trakl uses the word "forehead" so much in his poetry, but this is by Morgan Meis, so of course it is about So. Much. More. Today at Slant's Close Reading blog.

aquotebot: "Dark Rosary hour. Drunk with wine and nocturnal harmony." –Georg Trakl

neil06459862: i used to be twitters own georg trakl

objectsmall_a: some of Georg Trakl’s poems

commonmag: "The good news was the soldiers were returning. / And you could find them. You could see them / walk the paths and asylums of the southern valley." Traverse history with Bruce Bond's Issue 20 "Gródek," remembering Austrian poet Georg Trakl:

GayeStepdad: this bit from Georg Trakl makes me actually miss living in NYC

commonmag: "Suffering has a local address. / It will tell you. It has its Gródeks whose blood is less / corrosive." Bruce Bond's Issue 20 poem "Gródek" tells the tragic story of Georg Trakl, Austrian expressionist poet who served as a medical officer in World War I.

ChurchLifeND: Fashion week is coming up, but... "O,the horrible laughter of gold,” says the poet Georg Trakl. The thing is, beauty lies sometimes. Like the malevolent Queen out to displace Snow White’s beauty with her own...

AVahoral: "I drank the silence of God from a spring in the woods." Georg Trakl RAPPER ASIM COMING SOON BUILT IN PAIN

NORTHTRENTON: And Happy Birthday to Gertrude Stein (d. 1946), Gordon Coates (d. 1943), Georg Trakl (d. 1914), Artur Adson (d. 1977), Carl Theodor Dreyer (d. 1968), Juan Negrin (d. 1956), Gaston Julia (d. 1978), Norman Rockwell (d. 1978), Alvar Aalto (d. 1976) and Cafe Filho (d. 1970).

JanowskiKris: "It is the soul that is alien to the earth." Georg Trakl (Austro-Hungarian poet)

jonathanbfine: A student couldn’t decide today whether he wanted to write about Georg Lichtenberg or Georg Trakl

johnstonglenn: Austrian poet Georg Trakl was born OTD in 1887. His poem An den Knaben Elis was published as To The Lad, Elis in Transition in June 1927, along with an installment of Joyce's Work in Progress. (The page was uncut. I felt like Basil Brown opening it almost a century later.)

NicoleSoulshine: Soul of my soul. The soul is a stranger to earth. Georg Trakl

SciHiBlog: On February 3, 1887, Austrian poet Georg Trakl was born. Trakl is most probably the most important Austrian poet of Expressionism with strong influences of Symbolism.

lisa_compo: georg trakl for this wintery day... “From/ the east gate the rose-colored day walked in silver light.”

DrMirnaSolic: Georg Trakl: one of my favourite poets from high school days. And in English translation. Georg Trakl: A Translation by Mike Essig

aliner: Black frost. The ground is hard, the air has a bitter taste. Your stars make unlucky figures. Georg Trakl, "A Winter Night" trans. by James Wright and Robert Bly. prose piece to be distinguished from the poem, "A Winter Evening."

aliner: Georg Trakl's "On the Eastern Front" trans. by James Wright and Robert Bly.

aliner: Georg Trakl's "Grodek" trans. by James Wright and Robert Bly. World War I killed Trakl's, and the presence of the war which Rilke called "a scourge" lingers in the relationship between snow, silence, and moonlight. "The ghosts of the heroes..."

aliner: For anyone else currently fascinated by translations of Georg Trakl, here is a PDF of selected poems translated by James Wright and Robert Bly.

Globalappi: Georg Trakl (1887-1914) thoughts on Lockdown?

snorrisphoto: Frozen Stillness. More:

Weltenbrandt: Hmm... has this Irish journalist, living in London, ever heard or maybe read Georg Trakl? I'm gonna go with her own words and label her commentary as "a piece of rubbish". Absolutely nobody is gonna take my joy and taint it with utterly dumb takes.

A_ThomasPoet: Georg Trakl Autumnal Elegies

tatyana69663347: “Fragrance and melancholy. A dead garden in January.” — Georg Trakl

MarcusLinderos: Marked as to-read: Autumn Sonata by Georg Trakl

ZeeshanJaanam: It is a stubble field, where a black rain is falling. It is a brown tree, that stands alone. It is a hissing wind, that encircles empty houses. How melancholy the evening is. —Georg Trakl

redshiftsolo: "into the circle of their fire, the grove’s sorrow immensely old, dancing, they loom up from one black wall; banners of scarlet, laughter, insanity, trumpets" Trumpets / Georg Trakl

FelwaAlhudaithy: “Fragrance and melancholy. A dead garden in January.” Georg Trakl, from Poems, Prose: A Bilingual Edition; 'Sebastian In Dream'

egtrejos: Georg Trakl was “hardly a victim of war. It was always incomprehensible to me that he could live at all. His insanity wrestled with godly things”. - Karl Kraus

horizontevazio: Fragrance and melancholy. A dead garden in January. — Georg Trakl, from Poems, Prose: A Bilingual Edition; “Sebastian In Dream,”

MichaelJarvie: Autumnal Elegies: The Complete Poetry of Georg Trakl by Michael Jarvie

ZeeshanJaanam: Gone is the gold of days, The evening's brown and blue colors: The shepherd's soft flutes died The evening's blue and brown colors Gone is the gold of days. —Georg Trakl

brachlandberlin: Limits: Kathy Acker - Empire of the Senseless, Burroughs - the soft machine, Borges - Collection of fictions 1939 - 1944, Georg Trakl - selection

ZeeshanJaanam: Not your dark poisons again, White sleep! This fantastically strange garden Of trees in deepening twilight Fills up with serpents, nightmoths, Spiders, bats. Approaching stranger! Your abandoned shadow... —Georg Trakl, Twenty Poems of Georg Trakl

ZeeshanJaanam: In the red of evening Is a dark pirate ship Of the salty oceans of confusion. White birds from the outskirts of the night Flutter out over the shuddering cities Of steel. —Georg Trakl, Twenty Poems of Georg Trakl

mauerfallkind: Georg Trakl describes the moment

ZeeshanJaanam: Your body is a hyacinth, Into which a monk dips his waxy fingers. Our silence is a black cavern, From which a soft animal steps at times And slowly lowers heavy eyelids. On your temples black dew drips, The last gold of expired stars. ―Georg Trakl

Phangere: Georg Trakl. Traduction par Jacques Legrand.

nemoloris: ‘Georg Trakl fails to write a Christmas poem’ (Harry Gilonis).

isidro_li: The ominous anger of masses of men Is like the wild organ of the winter storm, The purple surge of battle, Leafless stars. — Georg Trakl

at_oasis: Black frost. The ground is hard, the air tastes bitter. Your stars cluster in evil signs. PS. - Georg Trakl

ThomasPfau3: The lighting and mood of today's cool, pre-Winter sunset has me associate Georg Trakl's Stimmungslyrik :

ZeeshanJaanam: Silently night appears, a wild thing bleeding Which slowly sinks to earth on the hillside. ― Georg Trakl

CorvusSepia: *reading Autumn Sonata by Georg Trakl* Oh hey, they made Korekiyo from V3 into the real thing lmao

ZeeshanJaanam: "Autumn: black march at the edge of the forest; minute of silent destruction; the leper's forehead lying in wait under the bare tree." —Georg Trakl

Janica2202: Everyday's gray grief crushes you.      Georg Trakl STREAM ANGELIE NEW VLOG

Janica2202: Everyday's gray grief crushes you.      Georg Trakl STREAM ANGELIE NEW VLOG

MichaelJarvie: Autumnal Elegies: The Complete Poetry of Georg Trakl by Michael Jarvie

FareedTariq16: . A blue moment is nothing but soul - Georg Trakl

tracing_silence: "The spirit of putrescence flutters with black wings. Crippled birches in the autumn wind." At the Moor, Georg Trakl, 1887-1914

Trakl100: "Poems set in the evening and the autumn and winter." Trakl poems in English in San Diego's weekly newspaper "San Diego Reader":

isidro_li: Soon by the decayed wall Violets bloom, So silently the temple of the lonely one turns green. — Georg Trakl

jamesreidel: Review of my last Trakl book:

mkimdorman: His poems are not objects to be used and then cast aside, but entrances into places where deep, silent labors go on. -James Wright, on Georg Trakl

saintsleazy: ooooh what’s some of your fav poetry you’ve found by mistake — Georg Trakl! Grodek

LiteraryVienna: “I do not understand them, but their tone makes me happy. It is the tone of true genius.” Ludwig Wittgenstein on the poems of Georg Trakl, letter to Ludwig von Ficker

herheadinfilms: It is the perfect season for the Austrian poet, Georg Trakl, whose work is searing, dark, melancholy, and almost hallucinatory. His poems give me chills. He killed himself during the First World War.

Trakl100: Poem of the week (2013): 'On the Eastern Front' by Georg Trakl:

isidro_li: Silently the candle glows In the dark room; A silver hand Extinguished it; Wind lull, starless night. — Georg Trakl

youtopos: 1810: Ludwig Beethoven’s “For Elise” — actually “For Therese” (Therese Malfatti). 1978: Klaus Schulze’s “For Nietzsche” — followed by a track for Georg Trakl & for Frank Herbert. 2018: Marc Couroux’s “For DM” — followed by a track “For NBM” (DM&NBM),

AscensionArcana: By candlelight down in the cellar hole The dead one paints with white hand A grinning silence on the wall. The sleeper whispers still. ~ Georg Trakl

ZeeshanJaanam: Lament The dark eagles, sleep and death, Rustle all night around my head: The golden statue of man Is swallowed by the icy wave Of eternity. On the frightening reef His purple frame is smashed. And the dark voice mourns Over the sea. —Georg Trakl

ZeeshanJaanam: Sister in my wild despair Look, a troubled boat sinks down Under the stars, The face of night whose voice is fading. —Georg Trakl

ZeeshanJaanam: When we are thirsty, we drink the white waters of the pool, the sweetness of our mournful childhood. —Georg Trakl

pauljimerson: A world without fairy tales and myths would be as drab as life without music. Georg Trakl

pauljimerson: Your body is a hyacinth, Into which a monk dips his waxy fingers. Our silence is a black cavern, From which a soft animal steps at times And slowly lowers heavy eyelids. On your temples black dew drips, The last gold of expired stars Georg Trakl

Slctvdplcate: "O, how dark is this night. A crimson flame Died in my mouth. In the silence The lone stringed music of the fearful soul dies away. Stay, when drunk with wine, your head sinks to the gutter." --- Georg Trakl, On a Journey

isidro_li: By your feet The graves of the dead open When you lay the forehead into silver hands. Silently the autumn moon Dwells upon your mouth, Dark song drunk with poppy-juice; Blue flower That quietly sounds in yellowed stone. — Georg Trakl

DedonatoAlice: 1914 – Georg Trakl, Austrian-Polish pharmacist and poet (b. 1887) 1926 – Annie Oakley, American entertainer and 'target shooter' BORN 18 60 1929 – Olav Aukrust, Norwegian poet and educator (b. 1883)

EugieReven: "And the dark voice laments Over the sea. Sister of stormy sadness, Look a timid dinghy goes down Under stars, The silent face of the night." — Georg Trakl (from one of his last poems 'Lament')

opheliasings: '' Oh, the great city's madness when at nightfall The crippled trees gape by the blackened walls..... But silent in dark caves a stiller humanity bleeds..." ~ Georg Trakl, To the Silenced, tr. Michael Hamburger

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