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David_Williams: And this bitter hour of defeat, When we behold a stony face in the black waters. But radiating light, the lovers lift their silver eyelids: They are one body. Incense streams from rose- colored pillows And the sweet song of those risen from the dead. -Georg Trakl

AshleyJStokes: ‘So calmly greens the temple of the lonely one’ Georg Trakl

andyhozier: “Fragrance and melancholy. A dead garden in January.” — Georg Trakl, from Poems, Prose: A Bilingual Edition; “Sebastian In Dream,”

notes_from_x: “- The forest there that spreads the deceased -“ Georg Trakl Melancholy of Evening (tr. Margitt Lehbert)

SamiNochebuena: “I am a shadow of lost gardens And my death-dark companion is The silence of the empty midnight.”— Georg Trakl, from Song in the Night: X (tr. by Jim Doss and Werner Schmitt)

amadonegro: Surrender to Night by Georg Trakl review - The TLS

alokranj: Surrender to Night by Georg Trakl review - The TLS

TheTLS: Georg Trakl: a poet in opposition to the world

Trakl100: "That Trakl’s poetry has been and continues to be translated into English – often, it is worth noting, by translators who are themselves poets – is testimony to its value."(C.Tully in her TLS review of W.Stone's Trakl translation "Surrender to Night"(2019)

drnelk: This thread on Wittgenstein and Georg Trakl is amazing

janien: Poem of the week: 'On the Eastern Front' by Georg Trakl

lulupartizan: Poem of the week: 'On the Eastern Front' by Georg Trakl

Trakl100: Poem of the week (2013): 'On the Eastern Front' by Georg Trakl:

ubu507: The sisters have gone to white old men far away -- Georg Trakl

pauljimerson: Yes. I vaguely know his work. I don't read as much poetry as I used to. I used to haunt the bookshops of Harvard Square, and there was a wonderful little shop called Grollier Bookshop, all poetry. I even found a book of poems of Georg Trakl!

GrantaMag: ‘Perhaps catastrophe isn’t pointless.’ Mathias Énard on Austrian poet Georg Trakl.

LilianeBreuning: Mathias Énard, Five Images from the Life of Georg Trakl:

NORTHTRENTON: And Happy Birthday to Gertrude Stein (d. 1946), Gordon Coates (d. 1943), Georg Trakl (d. 1914), Artur Adson (d. 1977), Carl Theodor Dreyer (d. 1968), Juan Negrin (d. 1956), Gaston Julia (d. 1978), Norman Rockwell (d. 1978), Alvar Aalto (d. 1976) and Cafe Filho (d. 1970).

BSandywell: Georg Trakl, one of the greatest poets the Anglophone world has never heard of.

danielepantano: "They give birth only to their own suffering. The sister with the furious sadness, the one who haunts (skiff on the waves, hidden by the silence of night) the poet’s body and memory." ––Mathias Énard Five Images from the Life of Georg Trakl:

danielepantano: Happy Birthday, Georg Trakl! (image by Christiaan Tonnis)

fluencymark: How suggestive is it that Georg Trakl and Sarah Kane, two of the most unnerving writers in world literature, were born on the same date? I am sitting here spooked.

drnelk: Dark breath in green branches. Blue blossoms drift about the face Of the lonely one, the golden footstep... "Happy" birthday, Georg Trakl!

TomSnarsky: Georg Trakl on his birthday, tr. David Luke

iammmommycathy: The Expressionistic Power of The Poems of Georg Trakl: Georg Trakl (1887-1914) On February…

MatinaLiosi: Georg Trakl BOTD in 1887 ''On the Eastern Front'' ... Her features smashed, her arms silver, ... beneath shadows of November's ash, ghost casualties heave. A spiky no-man's-land encloses the town. The moon hunts petrified women ... Grey wolves have forced the gates.

SciHiBlog: On February 3, 1887, Austrian poet Georg Trakl was born. Trakl is most probably the most important Austrian poet of Expressionism with strong influences of Symbolism.

mkimdorman: Mathias Énard, Five Images from the Life of Georg Trakl:

dreamsofbeing_: “The generation of those called ‘Expressionist’ or ‘avant-garde’ spoke before the catastrophe; (...) Georg Trakl is like that, child of this language that bathes the field of the dead, oarsman rowing on a canal against the flow, beneath the indifference of the stars.”

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The Comedian As The Letter C: 06 - And Daughters With Curls
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Portentous enunciation, syllable
To blessed syllable affined, and sound
Bubbling felicity in cantilene,
Prolific and tormenting tenderness
Of music, as it comes to unison,
Forgather and bell boldly Crispin's last
Deduction. Thrum, with a proud douceur
His grand pronunciamento and devise.

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