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A poem by Trakl inscribed on a plaque in Mirabell Garden, Salzburg. Georg Trakl (3 February 1887 – 3 November 1914) was an Austrian poet and brother of the pianist Grete Trakl. He is considered one of the most important Austrian Expressionists. He is perhaps best known for his poem "Grodek", which he wrote shortly before he died of a cocaine overdose.

Life and work Trakl was born and lived the first 21 years of his life in Salzburg. His father, Tobias Trakl (1...
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Georg Trakl Poems

  • To Angela

  • The Deep Song
    From deep night I was released.

    My soul is astonished in immortality,
  • Evening Walk
    I go into the evening,
    The wind jogs along and sings:
    You are bewitched by every light,
    O feel, what struggles with you! ...
  • To Johnanna
    Often I hear your steps

    Ring through the alley.
  • Night Song
    Over nocturnal dark floods
    I sing my sad songs,
    Songs which bleed like wounds.
    However, no heart carries them to me again ...
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Night 61 Dark 53 Blue 46 Evening 44 Black 41 Golden 36 Red 33 Heart 32 Wind 30 Away 29

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  • Nehies97: a tight race between wordsworth (1st pic, which i also have tattooed), housman (2nd pic), and the incomparable georg trakl (3rd pic).
  • Kulambq: "departed is the gold of days, the brown and the blue hues of evening; the shepherd's gentle flutes have died the blue and the brown hues of evening departed is the gold of days." ~ georg trakl, "rondelet" j. m. w. turner, "sunset"
  • Michaeljarvie: autumnal elegies: the complete poetry of georg trakl by michael jarvie
  • Lcoheniana: darkness is the song of the spring rain during the night. (georg trakl)
  • Rainmountpress: ...at nightfall one is aware of whisperings over the islands... --georg trakl
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