Geoffrey Hill Time Poems

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    King of the perennial holly-groves, the riven sandstone: overlord of the M5: architect of the historic rampart and ditch, the citadel at Tamworth, the summer hermitage in Holy Cross: guardian of the Welsh Bridge and the Iron Bridge: contractor to the desirable new estates: saltmaster: moneychanger: commissioner for oaths: martyrologist: the friend of Charlemagne.

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    When snow like sheep lay in the fold
    And wind went begging at each door,
    And the far hills were blue with cold,
    And a cloud shroud lay on the moor,
  • 3.
    born 19.6.32 - deported 24.9.42

    Undesirable you may have been, untouchable
    you were not. Not forgotten
  • 4.

    Sun-blazed, over Romsley, a livid rain-scarp.

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    What is far hence led to the den of making:
    Moves unlike wildfire | not so simple-happy
    Ploughman hammers ploughshare his durum dentem
  • 6.

    Cloven, we are incorporate, our wounds
    simple but mysterious. We have
  • 7.
    He was so tired that he was scarcely able to hear a note of the songs: he felt imprisoned in a cold region where his brain was numb and his spirit was isolated.


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