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  • Respublica
    The strident high
    civic trumpeting
    of misrule. It is
    what we stand for. ...
  • Ovid In The Third Reich
    non peccat, quaecumque potest peccasse negare,
    solaque famosam culpa professa facit.

    Amores, III, xiv ...
  • Mercian Hymns

    King of the perennial holly-groves, the riven sandstone: overlord of the M5: architect of the historic rampart and ditch, the citadel at Tamworth, the summer hermitage in Holy Cross: guardian of the Welsh Bridge and the Iron Bridge: contractor to the desirable new estates: saltmaster: moneychanger: commissioner for oaths: martyrologist: the friend of Charlemagne.
  • In Piam Memoriam

    Created purely from glass the saint stands,
    Exposing his gifted quite empty hands ...
  • On Seeing The Wind At Hope Mansell
    Whether or not shadows are of the substance
    such is the expectation I can
    wait to surprise my vision as a wind
    enters the valley: sudden and silent ...
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Geoffrey_e_hill: no carotenoids in parrot feathers and no psittacofulvins in parrot bills
Dynamic_proxy: (pound on henry james - source here
Geoffreylhill: a message from cllr geoffrey hill & cllr helen taylor - braywick park
Abc: nashville police have identified the victims of today's school shooting as: · evelyn dieckhaus, 9 · hallie scruggs, 9 · william kinney, 9 · cynthia peak, 61 · mike hill, 61 · katherine koonce, 60, head of school
Geoffrey_e_hill: the tulsa birds are pioneers out on the edge of range--maybe selection eliminated low-quality yellow males. in ca, life is easy and the low quality birds persist.
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Felicia Dorothea Hemans Poem
Night-Scene In Genoa
 by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

In Genoa, when the sunset gave
Its last warm purple to the wave,
No sound of war, no voice of fear,
Was heard, announcing danger near:
Though deadliest foes were there, whose hate
But slumber'd till its hour of fate,
Yet calmly, at the twilight's close,
Sunk the wide city to repose.

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