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  • In Flanders
    I'm homesick for my hills again -
    My hills again!
    To see above the Severn plain,
    Unscabbarded against the sky, ...
  • A Rondel Of Gloucestershire
    Big glory mellowing on the mellowing hills,
    And in the Uttle valleys, thatch and dreams,
    Wrought by the manifold and vagrant wills
    Of sun and ripening rain and wind ; so gleams ...
  • Warning
    A man there was, a gentle soul,
    Of mild enquiring mind,
    Who came into this neighbourhood
    Its wonders for to find [ â?¦ ] ...
  • Ballade
    Bodies of comrade soldiers gleaming white
    Within the mill-pool where you float and dive

    And lounge around part-clothed or naked quite; ...
  • Ballad Of Army Pay
    In general, if you want a man to do a dangerous

    job : â??
    Say, swim the Channel, climb St. Paul's, or break ...
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