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Edward Hirsch Edward M. Hirsch (born January 20, 1950) is an American poet and critic who wrote a national bestseller about reading poetry. He has published nine books of poems, including The Living Fire: New and Selected Poems (2010), which brings together thirty-five years of work, and Gabriel: A Poem (2014), a book-length elegy for his son that The New Yorker called "a masterpiece of sorrow." He has also published five prose books about poetry. He is president of the John Simon Guggenheim Memo...
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Edward Hirsch Poems

  • Edward Hopper And The House By The Railroad (1925)
    Out here in the exact middle of the day,
    This strange, gawky house has the expression
    Of someone being stared at, someone holding
    His breath underwater, hushed and expectant; ...
  • Amour Honestus
    The nights were long and cold and bittersweet,
    And he made a song for the hell of it.

    She stood by the window, a heavenly light ...
  • After A Long Insomniac Night
    I walked down to the sea in the early morning
    after a long insomniac night.

  • Branch Library
    I wish I could find that skinny, long-beaked boy
    who perched in the branches of the old branch library.

    He spent the Sabbath flying between the wobbly stacks ...
  • To Poetry
    Donâ??t desert me
    just because I stayed up last night
    watching The Lost Weekend.
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  • Jimperio: "there is no true poetry without conscious craft, absorbed attention, absolute concentration. there is no true poetry without unconscious invention." — edward hirsch, how to read a poem
  • Barbaramcveigh: on page 126 of 512 of 100 poems to break your h, by edward hirsch: “poems of the gifts” ...
  • Emily__hirsch: i never got into twilight never never fell or edward or jacob like didnt care for bella i will say this with pride
  • Barbaramcveigh: on page 118 of 512 of 100 poems to break your h, by edward hirsch: “in the midst of life...
  • Parisreview: “it’s good for poetry to keep human beings in mind.” —edward hirsch
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