Smiles of comrades are silencing,
It commands annoyance on you.
But a smile as bright as a sunrise,
Began to devour me as I stare.

Eyes that disappear when a chuckle comes forth.
Brows that intensify the vividness of the gaze.
When both wavelengths meet,
Focus was between us, ‘til one surrenders.

Night falls, sadness awaits.
But tomorrows, are days to hold on.
Oh, moment of time! Spare me some time.
To sense his terrifying presence.

Lips are locked, when ‘bout to say.
Hands shake when ‘bout to touch.
Our circumstance is not easy as begging.
Unseen eyes are on us, waiting for another flip of the page.

Our short story is almost done,
Can’t we make it a novel?
Or thou desire for a once upon a time…
and live happily ever after – like a fairy tale.