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    Dear 2021,

    Thank you very much! I appreciate everything that has occurred this year. It's been a long trip, with a happy heart at times and a sad one at others. Just thinking about the start of a new year makes me sad, not because I'm single, not because I'm still broke, not because I wasn't able to enjoy life by traveling this year, but because someone I love has gone to a better place and will no longer be physically there in my 2022 and future years. Regardless, I am confident that he is in the perfect place, where he can no longer feel agony and only joy.

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    In the world of colors - sharp eyes are on me.
    This spherical oblate is full of knives in the air.
    Thus, I have seen kinds of masks silently roaming around.
    These animals are all vexations in my mind.
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    His dark brown eyes and his long curvaceous lashes
    arrested me in the wilderness of my realm.
    Caught off guard, I acquiesced myself to his vivacity
    and enticing emergence.
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    The moment we see each other
    I feel that we are close together;
    My heart keeps on beating, and all I know that this feeling is
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    Dusks are better than dawns,
    Rains than rainbows,
    Summers than winters,
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    Smiles of comrades are silencing,
    It commands annoyance on you.
    But a smile as bright as a sunrise,
    Began to devour me as I stare.
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Jessica: I cried while reading your poems. I think you have so much to share with us. Keep publishing.

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