Dusks are better than dawns,
Rains than rainbows,
Summers than winters,
Rough roads than cemented ones.

Past is more valued than the present.
The ones before can’t easily be forgotten.
Mind have told thou, “She has gone.”
Yet, thou love her even if she’s unseen.

In one to ten, the First seems to be remembered, and the Last.
What about the Second? Third? Fourth?...
The 1st of Jan. and the last of Dec. are only what matter to you.
Thou choose what thou have used to be – yesterday – the past –
the past – the past.

Thou prefer to stay the ones before, the ones before,
For you missed her, longed for her.
Stay that way, stay that way, seems better because…
Reluctance for something new doesn’t give off bright morning,
But a stormy one.