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  • The Hidden Colors
    In the world of colors - sharp eyes are on me.
    This spherical oblate is full of knives in the air.
    Thus, I have seen kinds of masks silently roaming around.
    These animals are all vexations in my mind. ...
  • My Safe Haven
    His dark brown eyes and his long curvaceous lashes
    arrested me in the wilderness of my realm.
    Caught off guard, I acquiesced myself to his vivacity
    and enticing emergence. ...
  • Time
    The moment we see each other
    I feel that we are close together;
    My heart keeps on beating, and all I know that this feeling is
  • Falling Bud
    Dusks are better than dawns,
    Rains than rainbows,
    Summers than winters, ...
  • The Time Between Us
    Smiles of comrades are silencing,
    It commands annoyance on you.
    But a smile as bright as a sunrise,
    Began to devour me as I stare. ...
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  • Sharing something to stranger is a heart-melting act.
  • Learn to value the right person for he will never be anyone else to you.
  • There will always be a point in time when you realize that some people are not genuinely happy with you!
  • Life is full of plastic people, so always observe who you are with.
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Jessica: I cried while reading your poems. I think you have so much to share with us. Keep publishing.

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