Dear 2021,

Thank you very much! I appreciate everything that has occurred this year. It's been a long trip, with a happy heart at times and a sad one at others. Just thinking about the start of a new year makes me sad, not because I'm single, not because I'm still broke, not because I wasn't able to enjoy life by traveling this year, but because someone I love has gone to a better place and will no longer be physically there in my 2022 and future years. Regardless, I am confident that he is in the perfect place, where he can no longer feel agony and only joy.

This year, I learnt, realized, experienced, and felt a lot of things, but I'd want to highlight three of them.
First, life is not about having more than ten true friends; one might enough, and two to ten is ideal; however, it is not about the number of friends you have, but about how they are to you and how much of their lives they have given to yours.

Second, a great family is one whose members are not conceited, who do not regard one another as competitors, but who aid one another unconditionally in any circumstance - that's true love, when you can't sleep thinking about someone in your family who isn't doing well. Thank you, Lord, for providing me with a family that I can be proud of!

Third, I recognized I'm getting older, with more responsibilities and a greater desire to make life more interesting. I recall going to my neighbor's house on the first day of the year to seek for tangled money when I was a kid. But now that I'm older, I'm more concerned with meal preparation and what to serve. I realized that life is far too valuable to quit up or lose hope. I wish us all a memorable 2021 and a prosperous year ahead!
New Year's greetings!