By Reason Of Thy Law Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Here I make oathA
Although the heart that knows its bitternessB
Hear loathA
And credit lessC
That he who kens to meet Pain's kisses fierceD
Which hiss against his tearsE
Dread loss nor love frustrateF
Nor all iniquity of the froward yearsG
Shall his inur ed wing make idly bateF
Nor of the appointed quarry his staunch sightH
To lose observance quiteH
Seal from half sad and all elateF
Sagacious eyesI
Ultimate ParadiseJ
Nor shake his certitude of haughty fateF
Pacing the burning shares of many doomsK
I with stern tread do the clear witting starsL
To judgment citeH
If I have borne arightH
The proving of their pure willed ordealM
From food of all delightH
The heavenly Falconer my heart debarsL
And tames with fearful gloomsL
The haggard to His callN
Yet sometimes comes a hand sometimes a voice withalN
And she sits meek now and expects the lightH
In this Avernian skyO
This sultry and incumbent canopyP
Of dull and doomed regretH
Where on the unseen verges yet O yetH
At intervalsL
Trembles and fallsL
Faint lightning of remembered transient sweetH
Ah far too sweetH
But to be sweet a little a little sweet and fleetH
Leaving this pallid traceL
This loitering and most fitful light a spaceL
Still some sad spaceL
For Grief to see her own poor faceL
Here where I keep my standH
With all o'er anguished feetH
And no live comfort near on any handH
Lo I proclaim the unavoided termQ
When this morass of tears then drained and firmQ
Shall be a landH
Unshaken I affirmQ
Where seven quired psalterings meetH
And all the gods move with calm hand in handH
And eyes that know not trouble and the wormQ

Francis Thompson


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