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morbachgilberto: [C]ords of all too weak account / For Earth with heavy griefs so overplussed. (Francis Thompson, 'The Hound of Heaven' 128-129, 1893)

Fact: Pope Francis used to be a nightclub bouncer.

SteveDeaceShow: Yesterday Pope Francis said it was time for him to go to Babylon....err....Iraq. Might I suggest it’s time for him to go to a Bible study instead?

MobHoops: Rodney McGruder tonight: 26 minutes 20 points 6 assists 3 rebounds 2 steals 50% fg (7/14) 66.7% 3p (4/6) +17 Klay Thompson on the season: 0 points 0 rebounds 0 assists “Probably mad he’s gonna be out the league soon” -Klay Thompson

cufc_generals: 1987, Home v Harlow Town, W 3-1, Francis Araguez, Tony Thompson & Dave Russell. 1980, Home v Hendon, Friendly, D 0-0. 1978, Home, Wycombe Wanderers, Berks & Bucks Cup S/F, L 1-3 AET, Kerry Dixon. 1972, Away v Croydon Amateurs, L 1-3, Bob Harper.

queenofbithynia: I AM recycling my own old joke and I DO like Donne but in my own mental files I classify all this business as GDSM poetry (the G is for god) francis thompson, hound of heaven, that's another one not that I am going to list out every example, it would take years

carter740: Rosaline Henry; Patricia Johnson; Humphrey Brown; Gerry Paul Francis; Owen Wesley Thompson; Andrew Gooding; Peter Campbell; Lloyd Hall; Patrick Cummings; Steve Collins; Yvonne Ruddock; Glenton Powell; Paul Ruddock; and Anthony Berbeck.

frjoshTX: "Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble thee,/ Save Me, save only Me?" -Francis Thompson

GGGGail: The Highest Paid "FEMALE" News Anchors on TV Ainsley Earnhardt – $400K. It's a good omen that your career will be promising when you start it even before graduating from college. ... Melissa Francis – $300K. ... Charissa Thompson – $500K. ... Ginger Zee – $500K. *

PCmor7: Thompson with a strong drive for 2, and St. Francis will take a 35-25 lead into the locker room.

CoryGiger: WAS IT WORTH IT?: College athletes have made a lot of personal sacrifices to play this season during pandemic. Saint Francis basketball players are no different. After going 6-16, was it all worth it? Watch what Myles Thompson & Josh Cohen said when asked.

jakelieberman2: Lafayette commit Isaiah Thompson lead Peddie School with 38 points in his season debut. They beat out NJIT, St. Francis Brooklyn, and Stony Brook.

VerbalCommits: 2021 Francis Howell (MO) F Sam Thompson has received an offer from Duquesne.

wtsj2021: Varsity Final Timon- 72 St. Francis- 68 Timon scorers: Patton(29) Goudelock(19) Jennings(16) Thompson(8)

BlerdHumor: Tristan Thompson in the post game talking about Zion

kimjongunkasa: Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley walked so Steph Curry and Klay Thompson could fly.

kmflett: An appreciation of Hywel Francis(1946-2021) a socialist historian whose work did much to illuminate the Making of the C20th Welsh working class (a question E P Thompson swerved)

_TheLastTrumpet: “Satan will never sing again but only howl.” - Francis Thompson

LunarLast: Looking forward to receiving this lovely Francis Thompson edition later this week. I don't know him well, but I am a huge fan of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and he reminds me of him... "My freshness is spending its wavering shower in the dust." Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven

B_Strawbridge: 'The Wood Between' and 'Alone on a Hill' - both by Scotland based printmaker, Sarah Ross-Thompson More of this artist's gorgeous prints here:

gladwinemmanuel: Nothing begins, and nothing ends, That is not paid with moan, For we are born in other's pain, And perish in our own ~ Francis Thompson


KSTP: Hey there, just stopping by to brighten up your timeline with these gorgeous outdoor rinks. Thanks to Ryan Francis, BobbiJo Dinesen and Missy Thompson for sending these our way! What does your setup look like?

silfrany: All things Near and far Are linked to each other In a hidden way By an immortal power So that you cannot pick a a flower Without disturbing a star. Francis Thompson

FreedomPat2: In 1900 the American Omar Khayyám Club was established by Eben Francis Thompson and Nathan Haskell Dole.

AshleyCanter7: Thoughts on the perfect, irreplaceable wonder of a snowflake by Francis Thompson

AscensionArcana: O GAIN that lurk’st ungainèd in all gain! O love we just fall short of in all love! O height that in all heights art still above! O beauty that dost leave all beauty pain! Thou unpossessed that mak’st possession vain [...] — Francis Thompson

PCmor7: FINAL: St. Francis-Brooklyn 70, St. Francis 67 Dixon-Conover with 19 pts, 4 assts, 3 stls, but final 3 to tie hits back iron. Thompson finishes with 11 and Giles 10.

wiki_tmnt: Henry Francis Herbert Thompson

JBigelowVA: One of my former colleagues at St Francis in Raleigh lost everything in a home fire on Tuesday. He’s the head of social ministries and always supports others. Please consider a donation.

cufc_generals: 1993, Away v Windsor & Eton, Berks & Bucks Cup W 4-1, John Richardson (2) & Chris Townsend (2). 1990, Away v Wivenhoe, L 1-3, Francis Cassidy. 1988, Home v Leatherhead, L 1-2, Tony Thompson. 1981, Home v Kingstonian, L 0-1. 1979, Away v Epsom & Ewell, L 0-3.

Ballislife: HBD Klay Thompson, the (?) best shooter of all-time ◾ 60 PTS (29 MINS, 11 dribbles) ◾ 52 PTS (NBA record 14 3PTS) ◾ 52 PTS (16-25 FG. 11-15 3PT) ◾ 50 PTS (37 in 1 quarter) ◾ 44 PTS (10 3PTS in a row) ◾ 39 PTS (13-21 FG, 10-16 3PT) ◾ 39 PTS (14-22 FG, 10-15 3PT)

camerouninema: I think so far awards wise for best actress, Nicole Beharie and Tessa Thompson had my favorite performances. I think Zendaya, Viola and Francis McDormand were all really good this year as well, but I don't think I'm actively rooting for them as the other 2

BehroozParhami: [Final thought for the day] Little girl inspired: Photo posted on LinkedIn by Nyshawana Francis-Thompson, Ed.D., of her daughter joining Madam Vice-President Kamala Harris during her swearing-in ceremony.

thecentretunnel: San Mamés Stadium, 1982 England XI vs Czechoslovakia L-R: Robson, Francis, Rix, Coppell, Butcher, Wilkins, Mariner, Thompson, Sansom, Shilton, Mills [Credit: Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images]

PCmor7: FINAL: Central Connecticut 85, St. Francis 77. Land lead the Red Flash with 16 points, Dixon-Conover nets 14, Laskey 13, Hargis 12 and Thompson 11. Central Connecticut outscored St. Francis 60-19 off the bench. Baker and Mitchell teamed for 43.

PCmor7: St. Francis is 4-9 overall and 3-6 in the Northeast Conference. Central Connecticut is 3-9 and 3-6. G Ramiir Dixon-Conover, G Bryce Laskey, F Max Land, F Myles Thompson and C Mark Flagg expected to start for Red Flash.

PCmor7: St. Francis quickly out to a 7-0 lead after Flagg delivers a nice bounce pass from the high post to Thompson cutting hard down the lane for the bucket.

today_in_music: Playlist a Day for 2021-01-30

NHSwhistleblowr: Intelligent comment by Celia. A poem. A very tame version of Francis Thompson. Hound of Heaven. I fled Him, down the nights and down the days; I fled Him, down the arches of the years; I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways Stop running.

GTBsacredart: Happy feast of St. Francis de Sales! Today marks the second anniversary of Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs Sacred Art. Thank you to all of the patrons who make our family business viable! In Christ, Gwyneth

lastprisonerprj: At 4am this morning Michael Thompson was finally released from prison in Jackson, Michigan. He was reunited with his family and loved ones he has not seen in over 25 years after being sentenced to 40-60 years for selling cannabis.

PCmor7: St. Francis likely to start Ramiir Dixon-Conover and Bryce Laskey at guard, Max Land and Myles Thompson at forward and Mark Flagg at center as it goes for its third win in its last six games.

PCmor7: Thompson leads SFU with 9 pts. Jahlil Jenkins as 14 for Fairleigh Dickinson. St. Francis shooting 54.8%.

PCmor7: FINAL: St. Francis 90, Fairleigh Dickinson 82. Dixon-Conover leads St. Francis with XX pts to go with X reb and X assts. Giles and Thompson score 15 apiece, Flagg had 12 pts, 7 reb and 4 assts in 22 minutes before fouling out, and Laskey netted 10 pts.

PFlyover: Brigid Jones 0121 464 4000 Kate Booth 0121 303 4789 John O'Shea 0121 303 2039 Paulette Hamilton 0121 303 4789 Sharon Thompson 0121 303 2015 Tristan Chatfield 07779 102 292 John Cotton 0121 303 2039 Waseem Zaffar 0121 303 7233 Jayne Francis 07703 372 982

EquinoxFDU: 7:02 p.m. Thompson lays it up and in to give SFU the early 2-0 lead with 19:20 remaining in the half.

EquinoxFDU: 7:04 p.m. Laskey and Thompson both make back to back threes after Jenkins made three to extend the SFU lead  to 8-3 with 17:42 remaining in the half.

PCmor7: Thompson finds Hargis going back door for the hoop and the foul. St. Francis leads by 8.

EquinoxFDU: 7:19 p.m. Thompson makes the jumper to extend the SFU lead to 16-11 with 11:15 remaining in the half. Hargis grabs the rebound and lays it in to extend the lead to 18-11 with 10:39 remaining in the half.

PCmor7: Halftime. St. Francis leads 38-34. Thompson, Dixon-Conover, Laskey and Hargis each with 7 pts. Elyjah Williams of FDU leads all scorers with 14.

JoshGuilar: 3 of 5 stars to Francis of Assisi by Augustine Thompson

PCmor7: FINAL: Fairleigh Dickinson 94, St. Francis 92 Dixon-Conover leads Flash with 20, Thompson scores 19, Laskey 16 and Flagg 12. Williams leads all scorers with 28 for FDU.

JamaicaObserver: Have you seen 15-y-o Shanneea Thompson? She was last seen in Kingston at home wearing a black dress. She has not been heard from since.

m_hulot: In the 1940s, a group of documentary filmmakers established a union, the Association of Documentary and Educational Motion Picture Cameramen. The officers and board in 1947 included Alexander Hammid, Francis Thompson, Boris Kaufman, and Richard Leacock.

srigop8: I studied drums for three years with Francis Thompson at Victor Litz. That was 30 years ago

DanGardella: Didn't even realize St. Francis was without Myles Thompson tonight. Last season Thompson was a thorn in the side against SHU, playing a clutch, complementary piece beside Keith Braxton and Isaiah Blackmon.

Xanbob1: Main reason was Dutreil’a foul trouble and I don’t hate Cohen over Thompson from an efficiency standpoint. B2B can be wonky but still think St. Francis PA is worth the play here.

Sabeenahmad1: Nothing begins, and nothing ends, That is not paid with moan, For we are born in other’s pain, And perish in our own. Francis Thompson

BlackWriteGold: Remembering the victims: Humphrey Brown, 18 Peter Campbell, 18 Steve Collins, 17 Patrick Cummings, 16 Gerry Francis, 17 Andrew Gooding, 14 Lloyd Hall, 20 Patricia Johnston, 15 Rosalind Henry, 16 Glen Powell, 15 Paul Ruddock, 22 Yvonne Ruddock, 16 Owen Thompson, 16 Anthony Berbeck

robertsnickc: For my soul prays, Sweet, Still to your face in Heaven, Heaven in your face, Sweet. Francis Thompson

robertsnickc: For my soul prays, Sweet, Still to your face in Heaven, Heaven in your face, Sweet. Francis Thompson

PFlyover: Sharon Thompson 0121 303 2015 Tristan Chatfield 07779 102292 John Cotton 0121 303 2039 Jayne Francis 07703 372982 Please note that all these numbers including the two mobiles are publicly listed on Council website. It is their work number. Don't be put off. Ask questions.

JasNijjar123: Those who died in the New Cross Fire- Humphrey Brown; Peter Campbell; Steve Collins; Patrick Cummings; Gerry Francis; Andrew Gooding; Lloyd Richard Hall; Patricia Denise Johnston; Rosalind Henry; Glenton Powell; Paul Ruddock; Yvonne Ruddock; Owen Thompson

MarshadeCordova: Andrew Gooding Owen Thompson Patricia Johnson Patrick Cummings Steve Collins Lloyd Hall Humphrey Geoffrey Brown Roseline Henry Peter Campbell Gerry Paul Francis Glenton Powell Paul Ruddock Yvonne Ruddock Anthony Berbeck

MonitoringGroup: Humphrey Brown, 18; Peter Campbell, 18; Steve Collins, 17; Patrick Cummings, 16; Gerry Francis, 17; Andrew Gooding, 14; Lloyd Richard Hall, 20; Patricia Denise Johnston, 15; Rosalind Henry, 16; Glenton Powell, 15; Paul Ruddock, 22; Yvonne Ruddock, 16; Owen Thompson, 16.

Tunnelbreeze: Simon Thompson is known for his work on Follyfoot (1971), Paganini Strikes Again (1973) and The Dick Francis Thriller: The Racing Game (1979)

LdnMetArchives: The victims were Humphrey Brown, Peter Campbell, Steve Collins, Patrick Cummings, Gerry Francis, Andrew Gooding, Lloyd Richard Hall, Patricia Johnston, Rosaline Henry, Glenton Powell, Paul Ruddock, Yvonne Ruddock and Owen Thompson.

rootoftheprobl1: Top 5 Strikers in the UFC Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson Israel "The Last Style ender" Adesanya Conor "Notorious" McGregor Max "Blessed" Holloway Valentina Schevchenko H.M.: Robert "The Reaper" Whittaker Francis Ngannou Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal

officialJ4G: REMEMBER Humphrey Brown, 18; Peter Campbell, 18; Steve Collins, 17; Patrick Cummings, 16; Gerry Francis, 17; Andrew Gooding, 14; Lloyd Richard Hall, 20; Patricia Denise Johnston, 15; Rosalind Henry, 16; Glenton Powell, 15; Paul Ruddock, 22; Yvonne Ruddock, 16; Owen Thompson, 16.

JennyRathbone: 40th anniversary New Cross fire: Humphrey Brown,18; Steve Collins,17; Patrick Cummings,16; Gerry Francis, 17; Andrew Gooding,14; Lloyd Richard Hall,20; Patricia Denise Johnston, 15; Rosalind Henry,16; Glenton Powell,15; Paul Ruddock,22; Yvonne Ruddock,16; Owen Thompson,16; died

eamonnrafferty: 16. SAINT FRANCES RELEASE: 4th July DIRECTOR: Alex Thompson STARRING: Kelly O’Sullivan, Ramona Edith Williams, Charin Alvarez, Lily Mojekwu, Max Lipchitz, Jim True-Frost, Mary Beth Fisher, Francis Guinan and Rebecca Spence

sd_ashe: 'Humphrey Brown, 18; Peter Campbell, 18; Steve Collins, 17; Patrick Cummings, 16; Gerry Francis, 17; Andrew Gooding, 14; Lloyd Richard Hall, 20; Patricia Denise Johnston, 15; Rosalind Henry, 16; Glenton Powell, 15; Paul Ruddock, 22; Yvonne Ruddock, 16; Owen Thompson, 16'

HeatherMassey2: Those who died in the fire were: Humphrey Brown 18 Peter Campbell 18 Steve Collins 17 Patrick Cummings 16 Gerry Francis 17 Andrew Gooding 14 Lloyd Richard Hall 20 Patricia Denise Johnston 15 Rosalind Henry 16 Glenton Powell 15 Paul Ruddock 22 Yvonne Ruddock 16 Owen Thompson 16

PCmor7: St. Francis' probable starting five at Ramiir Dixon-Conover and Ronell Giles at guard, Myles Thompson and Max Land at forward and Mark Flagg at center. Bryant's led by guard Michael Green and forward Peter Kiss, who're combining for 35.8 points per game.

PCmor7: Giles' long 3 at the buzzer front-rims, and St. Francis takes a 43-40 lead to the half. Land leads Flash with 9, while Thompson and Giles each have 8. Pride with 11 and Green with 10 for Bryant, while Elisias has 5 blocked shots. SFU is 6-13 from 3. Bryant 2-13.

PCmor7: Thompson with 4 quick pts to start the 2H and St. Francis has a 50-45 lead at the 1543 media time out.

pioneer_pride: Saint Francis crunch time lineup minus Mark Flagg due to fouling out is RDC, Ronell Giles, Marlon Hargis, Myles Thompson and Maxwell Land. A very intriguing 5. Hargis, the Holy Cross transfer, is a welcome addition to SFU’s roster.

PCmor7: FINAL: St. Francis 89, Bryant 82 Giles leads five Flash in double digits with 21 pts, Land has 17, Thompson 17, Hargis 14 and Dixon-Conover 11. Dixon-Conover also with 10 assists and 7 reb. Bryant's Green finished with 21.

CentGirlsHockey: Cougars shakin the rust. Francis scores w assists to Hammond and Thompson at 14:10 of second . 2-0 cougars

kjohns51: Happy Thursday everyone! Today’s pondering - “Know you what it is to be a child? It is to have a spirit yet still streaming from the waters of baptism; it is to believe in love, to believe in loveliness, to believe in belief. Francis Thompson” Make yourselves a Great day!

SportsManCave: Interesting that John Thompson told Steve Francis Georgetown couldn’t take another “Allen”

ESPNNBA: Klay Thompson is on the Warriors bench for the first time this season.

mrqssXX_: Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch is my new freakin crush ❤️❤️❤️

justpain22: Clippers really blew a 20 pt lead and they ain’t even have Klay Thompson

ChrisBalster: Lt. General Sir William Francis Butler (1838-1910), husband of the artist Elizabeth Thompson, in 1882 at around the time of the Anglo-Egyptian War. (Royal Collection Trust),

joltsnolt: Alesia Thomas Shantel Davis Rekia Boyd Shereese Francis Priscilla Slater Dominque Clayton Pamela Turner Aleah Jenkins Alteria Woods Bettie Jones Sandra Bland Susie Jackson Ethel Lance Myra Thompson Cynthia Hurd There’s more. Don’t stop saying their names. And get +

STLhssports: Sam Thompson • Francis Howell basketball

oldlife: "Sweeping claims about good guys and bad guys may not be the first strike against a writer for anyone ministering in a communion that has some regard and attachment to Francis Schaeffer."

sewcraftcrazy: THOMPSON Francis China Shallow Bowl /Platter/Strawberry Bowl

PlacerGROWN: We are sad to share the passing of Francis Thompson of Twin Brooks Farm in Loomis. He was an amazing vegetable grower, farm equipment mechanic & builder. He mentored many local farmers & he was a well known vendor in Auburn at the Foothill Farmers’ Market for decades.

EthanEuropa: 1/3/21 Who hammered you, wrought you, From argentine vapor? "God was my shaper. Passing surmisal, He hammered, He wrought me, From curled silver vapor... Thou could'st not have thought me! So purely, so palely, Tinily, surely, Mightily, frailly -To a Snowflake, Francis Thompson

MPSIlfordTown: Ilford Town ward Pcso Naz foot patrol the location of Ilford High road and Oakland Avenue, Thompson close Francis street. ASB leaflets delivered to each shops and spoke to local shop keepers and owners. No issues been brought to my attention. All good .

wiki_tmnt: Henry Francis Herbert Thompson

KXXLMATTIC: Francis vs Jones will go the way Thompson vs Neal went. Speed/skill against power.

brumeade: New Year's Chimes by Francis Thompson What is the song the stars sing? (And a million songs are as song of one) This is the song the stars sing: (Sweeter song's none)

lensweet: A 2021 prayer: May God call you out of hiding & seek you with all “majestic instancy” (Francis Thompson’s “Hound of Heaven”). God will come after us, whether we are in fight, flight, or freeze, with a dignifying urgency & lofty insistence that we are God’s and belong to God alone

meyerbohn: All things by a mortal power near or far, hiddenly to each other linked are, that thou canst stir a flower without the troubling of a star - Francis Thompson

Kulambq: A radio documentary about Francis Thompson narrated by the poet Michael Symmons Roberts. I highly recommend it if you are fond of Thompson's poetry, and if you aren't acquainted with his work, even more so.

OldFootball11: (front row, l-r) Peter Bonetti, Jack Charlton, Geoff Hurst, Tommy Wright, Emlyn Hughes, Terry Cooper, Peter Thompson, Alan Ball, Francis Lee, Ralph Coates

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