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hcikingston: High Commissioner hosted Top Track & Field coach Paul Francis at India House. Paul heads the MVP Club that has 76 medals at Olympics & World Championships. He also coached the Olympic 21 women 100m Gold, Silver & Bronze medalists, Elaine Thompson, Shelly Ann & Shericka Jackson

CaribbeanToday_: Jamaican sprint queen Elaine Thompson-Herah confirmed that she has departed from the MVP Track Club, which is headed by renowned coach Stephen Francis.

yogiinkriya: and the billows of the sea and the vast tracts of thoughts within, O Thou Silent River of Life, show Thyself: teach us to swim in Thee ! Paramahansaji's favourite of Francis Thompson's poem " The Hound of Heaven".

ChuckCallesto: BREAKING REPORT: Fully-vaccinated Rep Glenn Thompson TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19, later admitted to Walter Reed...

DEVAUXLAURENT3: Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson Ain't Nobody

SkyNews: “As a disabled person, I am very concerned how disabled people may feel they are a burden.” Former Paralympian, Tanni Grey-Thompson explains why she is against a proposed new law to legalise assisted dying. Get more on this story:

M_Sceptre: Did coach Stephen Francis seh.. The reason Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce switched from his camp was bcuz of Elaine Thompson Hera?

chenae876: Stephen Francis on Thompson-Herah "The only thing I can confirm is that ...

zip103fm: National 100m record holder Elaine Thompson-Herah has confirmed her departure from the Stephen Francis led MVP Track and Field Club.

gregoryhaughton: Elaine Thompson-Herah LEAVES MVP Track Club and her world class coach Steven Francis

SpecCoffeeHouse: 'Francis may be pursuing a liberal policy agenda, but it’s also quirky and incoherent.' ✍️ Damian Thompson

BrannenPAO: “But (when so sad thou canst not sadder) Cry;—and upon thy so sore loss Shall shine the traffic of Jacob’s ladder Pitched betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross” — Francis Thompson

CoinyWords: For we are born in others pain and perish in our own. Francis Thompson From “ diary of a murderer” by Kim Young-Ha

thehill: Pope Francis welcomes Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi in the Vatican

foreshadow_mag: 'The Singer Saith of His Song' A poem by Francis Thompson (1859–1907) Foresight:

RoseGuz93115122: By - Francis Thompson

Thouotes: "An atheist is a man who believes himself an accident." ~ Francis Thompson

eyes_lemoneyes: "An atheist is a man who believes himself an accident." ~ Francis Thompson

studig: Frank Black / Black Francis / Charles Thompson .. excellent work sir

Charles_Musto: Halts by me that footfall: Is my gloom, after all, Shade of His hand, outstretched caressingly? (Francis Thompson)

NathanA14133110: Starla Perrish ,Petra Stevens ,Francis Barry Paige Thomlinson Jennifer Thompson , Tomeka Thomas . Timothy Talkington., Tara Pogue. Tara tran. Jeremy Tran, Joan Alexander. Jessica Gomez Rees Eidson Jones ,Amanda.

judecowell: Poet Francis Thompson and a Foreshadowing Lunar Eclipse

JaneBurgermeis2: 7. We know from Dr David Bauer of Francis Crick Institute that 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine resulted in lower amounts of key antibodies, ie weakened the immune system

Rutledal: From Frank Lloyd to J Lee Thompson, From Jerry Lewis to Cirio H Santiago, from Jules Dassin to Charles Band, from Edward L Cahn to Don Siegel, from Edward Dymytryk to Coleman Francis, from Henry King to Curtis Harrington, from Henry Hathaway to Russ Meyer

Spireship: ‘The Hound of Heaven’ by Francis Thompson.

Aderaido: The Hound of Heaven~~ Francis Thompson

Shammi35659470: 'Summer set lip to earth's bosom bare and left the flushed print of a poppy there' Francis Thompson

DaveT58419720: O world invisible, we view thee O world intangible, we touch thee O world unknowable, we know thee Francis Thompson

SJUIDEPEL: Congratulations to IDEPEL Alum & Adjunct Faculty Member, Dr. Nyshawana Francis-Thompson (Cohort 10), on being inducted into the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. The organization's mission is: to advocate on behalf of black women and girls to promote leadership development.

CaribbeanToday_: Two-time Olympic double sprint champion Elaine Thompson-Herah is ending her long-standing relationship with coach Stephen Francis and the MVP Track Club.

tywilc: Do the Manta Ray! Check out Black Francis, AKA Frank Black, AKA Charles Thompson IV (plus Joey Santiago) playing skeletal versions of Pixies tunes in 1990.

nytimesmusic: With a clear voice that brought sass to humorous ditties but could also be used to good effect on a ballad, Sue Thompson was part of a wave of female vocalists, like Connie Francis and Brenda Lee, who had hits in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

newyorknewart: Elaine Thompson-Herah Leaves Nike and Coach Stephen Francis?

AndreLoweJA: Nike-sponsored coach Stephen Francis is considering a request by the US-based company to coach a “top international female sprinter.” With Elaine Thompson Herah declaring to MVP, her intention to leave, Francis might meet Nike’s request this time around

moma_photos: Francis Thompson, Bridge (Queensborough Bridge), 1960

ESJ_jamaica: Elaine thompson herah coach Stephen Francis breaks silence after thompson herah lefted MVP club Click the link to watch full video

GYChronicle: Thompson-Herah set to part with coach Stephen Francis, track club

cnstvja: Two-time Olympic double sprint champion Elaine Thompson Herah is considering bringing her longstanding relationship with coach Stephen Francis and the MVP Track Club to an end.

JamaicaGleaner: Two-time Olympic double sprint champion Elaine Thompson Herah is considering bringing her longstanding relationship with coach Stephen Francis and the MVP Track Club to an end. Read more:

gregoryhaughton: Elaine Thompson Herah To Leave MVP and Stephen Francis

Miltonnewsja: Veteran coach of the MVP Track Club Stephen Francis is remaining coy about the future of triple Olympic champion and the fastest woman alive over the 100m and 200 metres, Elaine Thompson-Herah, with the club. TVJ Sports spoke with Mr. Francis

AVFCfan1982: I've thoroughly enjoyed rewatching the last half a dozen appearances of Damian Thompson on EWTN's 'The World Over' on YouTube. I hope these aren't discontinued because Pope Francis seems to find them objectionable.

AndreLoweJA: Doubts over the future of Elaine Thompson Herah at the MVP Track Club. Coach Stephen Francis: “I would not be surprised if she is not here, I don’t know if she is going to be here. As they move along, many other things become important apart from their training & their status.”

ellaguro: also Frank Black/Black Francis/Charles Thompson basically belongs in the Mark E Smith/Captain Beefheart pantheon of Abusive Rock And Roll Bosses so i'm more reticent towards anything Pixies at this point partially for that reason

NationwideRadio: Despite her camp sending a letter to MVP Track Club saying that she's leaving & coach, Stephen Francis indicating that he'd not be surprised if she does not return, Elaine Thompson-Herah, today described as rumours reports that she plans to leave MVP.


evans_turtlduv: 1 I fled Him, down the nights and down the days; 2 I fled Him, down the arches of the years; 3 I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways 4 Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears 5 I hid from Him, and under running laughter. Francis Thompson THE HOUND OF HEAVEN

KindeandTrue: According to Damian Thompson, Pope Francis ferociously denounced abortion and threw pro-choice fake POTUS under the bus. VERY interesting.

JohnMcG11663430: „I fled Him, down the nights and down the days; I fled Him, down the arches of the years; I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears I hid from Him, and under running laughter.“ — Francis Thompson

beccaedav: Seth Rogen and Kenan Thompson putting in more effort than most of the guys at the Met Gala

Mo_Americanoid: Sir David Suchet reading The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson

Mo_Americanoid: The Hound of Heaven - The Story of Francis Thompson

oldskoolBayArea: Lyrics are great. Guitar back up well it needs a little work. Sorry. My background, I have been around Mick Fleetwood, John Lee Hooker, Francis Clay ( Muddy Waters drummer), my old classmate Ron Thompson, and many more.

tangoldman: This week in "Experimental Documentary:" theorizing the city symphony with sample of '20-30s European + Latin American city symphonies. MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA as feature and discussion of kino-eye. Also addressing post-1930s works including Francis Thompson's N.Y., N.Y. (1957)

Rachel__Sherry: Medieval biographers: St Francis was so cheerful and consoled and ecstatic! Chapter 1 of Thompson’s 2012 bio: Francis had war flashbacks, severe anxiety, and he isolated himself from others after he was imprisoned My St Francis class is giving me hagiographical whiplash

BenStinar: Russell Westbrook has a 2k22 rating of 86 overall. He averaged a TRIPLE DOUBLE last season. Klay Thompson has a 2k22 ratings of 87 overall. I love Thompson, but he hasn’t played in 2 years! ??

JohnShimmin: THE SHANKLY ERA . (ON THIS DAY 54 YEARS AGO 13/09/1967) . Football League Cup 2nd Round . Liverpool 1 Bolton Wanderers 1 . Trailing To Francis Lee Goal on 33 Minutes, Peter Thompson Equalised on 73 Minutes To Give Liverpool a 1-1 Draw At Anfield & Earn A ReplayAt Burnden Park .

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

NextOnTCM_PT: CULT OF THE COBRA (1955) Faith Domergue, Richard Long, Marshall Thompson. Dir: Francis D. Lyon 8:00 PM PT American G.I.s who witness a secret ritual are hunted down by a beautiful woman who has the power to transform herself into a cobra. 1h 22m | Horror

NextOnTCM: CULT OF THE COBRA (1955) Faith Domergue, Richard Long, Marshall Thompson. Dir: Francis D. Lyon 11:00 PM ET American G.I.s who witness a secret ritual are hunted down by a beautiful woman who has the power to transform herself into a cobra. 1h 22m | Horror

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

sitsio: Francis the Destroyer: in an EWTN interview, Damian Thompson takes aim at the papacy, gives both barrels then throws the gun as well!

MrsLoriLynn: "And human love needs human meriting" -Francis Thompson

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

slipperypawords: Francis Thompson's bid for Poet Laureate.

noonofday: The grave of artist Elizabeth Southerden Thompson (Lady Butler) (1846-1933) in Stamullen Graveyard, County Meath. Best known for her military scenes. She died at nearby Gormanston Castle. Her husband Lt. Gen. Sir William Francis Butler is buried in Killaldriffe, County Tipperary.

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

depiperno: in his divine life through grace, is an experience that few can relate to even though every man is invited. It is no imaginary phenomenon. The English poet, Francis Thompson heard the call, but he was distracted by competing loves.

JimBrandyberry: Francis Thompson's THE KINGDOM OF GOD

imagine_LSM: Big thanks to those who made it out tonight to our first Forum meeting. We discussed Francis Thompson, redemptive history, the dangers of retroactive spiritualization, the “line between good & evil,” &, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien. I leave you with the words of Fleming Rutledge:

Francis_Muldoon: thank you tommy thompson

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

AcademyBFC: 2⃣3⃣ Our U23s won 2-1 at Queens Park Rangers this afternoon, with goals from Cameron Thompson and David Bremang.

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

canonlawyered: Everyone is reporting a rumor that Pope Francis is going to resign. Whenever I read those stories, I remember Hunter Thompson on the rumor that Ed Muskie was on ibogaine: "I reported there was a rumor because there was. I knew there was a rumor because I started it."

GehlkenNFL: Cowboys LB Francis Bernard aggravated his hamstring injury last week upon return to practice. Expected to land on injured reserve. Bernard flashed last year as undrafted rookie. Hamstring injury came in July during the first camp practice.

ChampagneSharks: So this trans person brings up Francis Thompson, a formerly enslaved trans person who did important things. This is fine but she lives in 1800s and not part of 20th century civil rights movement. Why is it in here in an Eyes on the Prize doc? They just want to throw it in lol

Damo_Francis: I must’ve been the sweatiest man in Thompson’s last night what was wrong with me

Francis_18cm: R. Champion accidentally touched a high-voltage line, electrifying himself and stopping his heart. A fellow linemen J.D. Thompson performed mouth-to-mouth CPR until paramedics arrived. He survived. This famous photo is known as "The Kiss of Life." (1967). Photo by R. Morabito.

a_j_francis: I love a good read!!! Pun intended lmao | Andrew Lawrence

anmargboyce: Not sure if y’all noticed this. Sada Williams is coached by Stephen Francis. An ordinary name right ? But an extraordinary man. He coached Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce to Olympic titles in Beijing and London and he is the current coach of Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah.

JontiMayer: For birth has in itself the germ of death, but death has in itself the germ of birth. - Francis Thompson

ElsieB82: NY NY (1957) Full Short Documentary - Unique Artist Thompson Francis Used Special Lenses & Filming Techniques To Capture An Alien & Unique Version Of 1950's New York [00:15:26]

DioceseofTulsa: Last night Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. offered his thoughts on finding the historical St. Francis of Assisi at the TU Catholic Newman Center. Over 50 people attended with a reception that followed For more events visit:

DioceseofTulsa: Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. offers his thoughts on ths subject, entitled “Finding the Historical St. Francis of Assisi!” The lecture will be held at the Chapman Lecture Hall on the campus of the University of Tulsa at 5:30pm. Reception to follow

Francis_Muldoon: We call this ‘having balls’ …

Bio_Moore: I am blessed to be Principal of Rose Hill School. Great Niece of Colonel Moore- Principal of Merry High. Granddaughter of Anna Faye Moore- AKA, English Teacher, Librarian. Levi Moore- Professor Of Biology and French. Great Granddaughter of Polly Francis Thompson- teacher.

MrTimDunn: CHESTER Station - Italianate as far as the eye can see. Francis Thompson’s sprawling beast at 1,015ft long was the longest station building in England when it opened in 1848. But that’s how many big early stns worked: trains pulled in at points along one single platform…

Pythagasaurus2: I was taking The Pixies out for a spin today and realized Black Francis is basically the personae of a serial killer. He's a grotesque kabuki mask for the seemingly anodyne Charles Thompson. Which is interesting

patrickjane3169: THE HOUND OF HEAVEN - Francis Thompson

WannasWorld: Elaine Thompson-Herah is absolutely amazing. There’s no reason sponsorships aren’t falling at her feet. She deserves every endorsement.

Alexxxrush: Don’t let everything outshine the fact that Elaine Thompson-Herah is the first woman in history to unquestionably run Sub 10:60.

A_G_Haubner: By popular demand, the post-race interview with the race winner Elaine Thompson-Herah, shot from my TV camera. We got everyone for all of you.

EmmanuelAcho: Elaine Thompson is black. Shelly Ann is black. I have sang their praises from the mountain tops. I will continue to. Just because they’re not your flavor of “black” doesn’t mean they’re not black. I’m not dissing black women. I’m checking unmerited arrogance. Thanks.

AndreLoweJA: Elaine Thompson Herah has removed the ‘unbreakable’ tag from Flo Jo’s women’s 100m world record (10.49 seconds). Now she has a great opportunity to lower the mark. This season!

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