Where are you my amorce
Where are you hiding on earth
I saw you one time on the surface
But now you are missing
Some rumors I heard
I can't get a sleep

Somebody whispered
That our plans are denatured
He saw you in white
Marching to the venue
Your clothes like feathers
To meet the groom

They paid it all
The dowry expected
My question is one ,why could you lie?
That you loved my smile
You loved my nature
You liked my morals

For the days we spent
Our time in clubs
Expensive pubs and bars
We enjoyed the meals
You promised me life
I promised the future
But all is a mess

I sold my field to fund your studies
But now you ignore, to answer my calls
From noon to morning, you seem too busy
To pick my calls
You could have said, the fate of this
Learn to solve ,but not to escape