That day I saw her
I immediately desired her
My heart planned it
To keep her safe
Yes, safe for my soul

When I called her
Her name came
From my heart
It couldn't hurt
I told her, the thoughts I had

She smiled warmly
Such a flowery smile
Her lips said it
She liked my approach

I felt it nice
To tell her all
But wasn't wise
To tell her fast, I came to know
She had a book
A filled book

Nowhere, I could have written
She told me, her last story
I wrote it down
And empty page
Yes, the blank pages of my book

I saw her weep
As I said it deep
I asked her all
And she had to tell
It wasn't a tale
But just a dilemma story

She had a wound
An ailing wound
I touched it
By my sharpened nails
I wish I knew
Not to quest for the last chance

Her friend had gone
He who hurt her
What a bastard lad!
He who cut her leg
Because of fifty note
She bought a chocolate
I curse the act, I rebuke It much!