That day
I learnt it all
This life, it has no friend
Those I thought they were
O, they were just beggars

Beggars so clever
That they have brown words
Easy to relate
To convince and borrow
They call you their brother
Their sister or father

Be careful
Not all are truthful
Some are liars
They buy a chance
To eat and leave

Once they borrow a penny
You become an enemy
I know some few
Who taught a lesson
At once I thought it good
To help and safe a life

Imagine what the little folk returned
Just a punch and group of excuses,
When I tried to mind my penny
He said it had no much of help

I cried for what a decision I made
To help such a village stranger
In addition, he made my story be read
From the negative side of it

But now, I know
All the wits
And the tricks of these empty minded
I can't fall in a trap
To call every person a friend
I only have one faithful friend
He who died to have my life be safe
He is, the one Christ son of God.