Listen to this living story
How I had to overcome
That melancholic terror
The one that caused melalgia
For days and years,
I had to limp

That day when the storm worsened
I had to flee
But, couldn't see the big crew
May be it had been blown
To the eastern side of the hill

On that day, I saw It wise
To consult a friend
He whom I trusted
He whom we ate together
He whom we played together
He whom I had offered my life

Up and down
When had gone with him
Day and night, we had spent in the streets
As gangstas, our life was
One day, was found in crime

Yes,for trying to help a criminal
I had to fire my personal gadget
Just to help a friend
Risky it was, but I had to do it

Why now this day
That my friend has to deny me
The many sacrifices I gave
Just a waste!
When the rest heard about the storm
Nobody informed me

They left silently, while I was asleep
To my surprise, my friend had gone
With no little warn
My heart ached, not because of fear
But for the costly sacrifices of blood

My attempt to gang up
Made me to cry
I landed in a trap
That little well that killed my senses
I lived in the well, a dry well in the field
For two and a half a day, but it secured my life.