Angelina Makasi, my life is in danger
All because I loved you , I haven't had peace
In my own house ,I fee like a stranger
Before I melt ,take concern please
Let it be now , tommorow might be late
Come quickly, oh! I'm losing hope

Those friends you had , they have turned enemies
Like a wild animal, my blood they want to lick
I have no pleasure, only sympathy with cries
They hunt me day and night, with a sharpened stick
I hear them say , "We must get rid of him"
Oh! Take concern, my life is in danger

Talk to them , give them a chance to repent
They must cease from that , lest do they die
I have sent my letter, the police to attend
Kindly warn them, a little while they will cry
Before I die , a great harm will come
Oh! Take concern, my life is in danger