My sister
Live a life of pleasure
Rejoice and enjoy your life
Rejoice because you have time
But mind your life after

Do it as you wish
Nobody cares for you
Call it freedom
Call it your life and nobody else's

Walk up and down the streets
And get value for whatever you do
Use it for a short time and get joy
Joy that won't last for long
But mind about your life after

Taste all the sweet things
Drink all the sweet drinks of your time
But be informed sweet will turn bitter
When all the shops are closed and the night comes

Walk with handsome guys of your time
Those who have value as you think
Disregard those you think have no value to host you
But remember one day you will wander up and down in need of them

Eat and sleep in expensive hotels and bars
The only place you think there is pleasure
Drink tecate and add whiskey
Become as active a you wish to be
But remember that life will last

Rebuke and look down upon the hawkers
Do not even admire to see them
Because you say they have no value
But remember, those are your responsible husbands in future

For a better life
Ignore the following
Relationships with
All old men with cars
Those who need one day pleasure
Those who talk of money.