The world is crying
And the pillars are staggering
Soon the corners will fall
Despite the fact that they are tall
People, woke up and escape the scenes are weak

I saw them at midnight
With their lamps light
Across the streets
Selling and buying, their cheap natural products
Guess what a hell? Their words almost choked me

They have made it weak
The so called beautiful creatures
They sell their pleasures
For just a penny
The world is ailing , who will heal it?

Look at their dress
They openly walk naked
To them they have no stress
But the elders are griefing
I hear the elderly say, 'the fallen generation'

Fathers and mothers
Kindly, prevent the fall
I know you can, to equip the matters
Teach them morals as much as you can
Provide the necessities, to prevent them hawking.