Iam a poet
i have been writing for a while
for both the black and white,
of late none of my literature
has been published yet,
iam a workoholic alcoholic
with words as sharp as an arrow
and vocal as a sparrow,
iam cracking mountains with my verbs,
and drying oceans with my verses,

iam a poet
doing poetry is like doing a thousand words
in one sentence
iam a poet
iam writing to uplift your spirit
up!up!up!like a kite
against the tide,
iam writing to show you that black and white
are not one people,
and donkeys are not horses,
they can mate to give a mule,
but they are different species,
iam black,but equally special,
iam your mirror,
iam writing to give light to the dark side of the world,
iam your star, your ambassador,
iam writing for the weak and might,
iam your king Solomon,

iam a poet
iam not writing to change the world,
iam writing to heal the world,
iam not writing to chain the weak and all,
iam writing to kill the wicked and odd,
iam like the wind
trees whirl and dust rises rises
when iam rhyming,

iam a poet
writing about soldiers and orders
Finland and England
iam a poet
writing about teachers and cheaters
nurses and sinners
iam a poet
writing about Rhodes and Rhodesia
limpopo and the mighty zambezi

iam the rainbow and sunshine of the nation
iam the aroma from your kitchen
the voice in the wind,
iam a poet!