The one whom I dearly placed my trust in,
He told me I was forcing myself on him.
I was thinking of a better life with him,
Whilst he was dreaming of a better life with her

My love was taken for granted,
When I lest expected it to be.
My arms were longing to have him in them,
Whilst his were longing to have hers.

The love I showed him seemed senseless to him,
Yet he never opened up to me.
I thought I was glowing with the best partner,
Not knowing I was being punished by the wrong person.

I gave him my heart,and he gave It back to me broken.
He shattered my soul and left me heartbroken.
He went for her,and he couldn't care less about me.
I was left to tend alone to the permanent scar of my heart.

She trashed him, and he felt the same pain I did,too.
He was remorseful, remorseful for toying with my emotions.
Luck found me in my darkest day and changed me,I found my soul mate.
Now,he's lost a GEM.