Everyday, I feel like i'm dying and all I see is destruction.
I'm filled with regret and confusion.
My emotions overcloud my judgement.
I spend most of my time depressed and worried.
I'm filled with guilt and pains.

My heart is filled with grievances and pains.
I'm like a cat on hot brick.
I'm confronted and defied by the inexplicable array of my own emotions.
My heart is hung by a wool.
I want to be free but the more I try to,the higher the plights.

I live my life my hurt and loneliness.
I'm lost in this gray and hard world.
I'm broken,used,abandons and lusted.
There is no shadow I can light up!
They stole my shine, and there is nothing I can do.

I demand for laughter but what I get is laughter.
I keep saying,'I know what I'm doing to everyone,'but I am hurt.
No one hears my pain;
No one even sees the hopelessness;
Even if they do,how will they know how I feel?