I love poems that do not rhyme
But find another way to a good link Somewhere around the middle
Thus its writer can be certain
Of the message through spontaneity
Perhaps it is because I also love odd
And ideas commanding seriousness
Oh! There is joke in too much rhyme
You can always guess what is next
Rather let words even say another
It is true that serious and solemn
May be enriched with a taste of
Ecstasy sweeter than a smooth plan
Bumps ‘nd bounces give good music
Smash ‘nd crash do their endings
I think free verse like me avoids being ruled
Social laws are unequal to the divine
Morality and language standards go
The same way that every ‘I’ shall
Unquestionable is that truth of end
So change is only regular with men
A sign of imperfection but view him
Then he tries to climb mountains
To arrive at the craziness of ‘no God
Indeed, this poem is alive for I
What proof must further be given?
I like poems that do not rhyme but
Of course, change is always constant
Where the thoughts of men decide
So two lines I command co-incide