Who is Fatimah Bint Abdil Alim

Fatimah bint AbdilAlim is a Nigerian Muslim who finds comfort in the silence of solitude and the beauty of nature....
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Fatimah Bint Abdil Alim Poems

  • Wild Growth
    Whoever planted this here
    Must breed wild thoughts
    A red rose standing alone
    With hips of pure red ...
  • A Journey On Flooded Ways
    I flushed my legs daring the cold
    The bus had stopped and skies were gold
    My feet became pedals cycling
    But slow repelled by winds blowing ...
  • Engraved
    Let journeys be as they must
    At their ends are only images
    We animate with our minds
    To renew those buried feelings ...
  • Untitled
    I am growing tired
    Of watching those two
    Always playing outside my window
    Mocking me as I become old ...
  • The Wrapping
    If the sun
    Becomes a tyrant
    Lasting in the skies
    Pulling clouds to guard it and ...
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Good 2 Time 2 God 2 Smile 2 Truth 2 Away 2 Return 2 Grass 1 Body 1 Open 1

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