Eyes getting lost in the night sky, a silhouette of your heavenly body I clearly envision in the stars,
Your eyes illuminate like the sun, flowing hair as red as mars.

A smile that lights the milky way.
A wish on a shooting star,
Is that I never betray,
The love you have given me, this love I'll repay.

Morning light infused with the night sky, this has just dawned on me.
You light my darkened soul, through the darkness I see.
This air that I breathe, without choking on oxygen, your kisses reborn, is the life that I need.

Your lips is my wine, forever drunk I will be.
Getting lost in this everlasting vacuum of hope, in infinite space we'll be free.

These words i bequeath,
Is simply to convey
Our love is everlasting, constantly expanding
Looking at the night sky
On your silhouette I still feast.

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Word play between meaning of words, is a trip,
trying to covey a story with out having to flip. Capturing feelings to add to this quip
It's a mountain to climb, one day I'll get to the tip

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