Waves of emotion crashing over me, i break
it rises, it's time for the tide
increased levels of unwanted emotion, i fake
now floods every part of my drowning mind

Thickets of rooted regret follows my scent,
running through loathed forests blindly
looking towards the heavens, i'm ready to ascend
the wind of change blows within my soul, kindly

i'm running in a waking nightmare, dreaming
a marathon of dark dangerous deceived destinations
awoken in cold sweats wailing, screaming
demons whisper beyond the trees, getting lost in all translations

the sandman hugs me to sleep tonight
my head on a clouded pillow lie
my wary eyes has given up its fight
in my welcomed rem state, i say good bye

write up:
these are the thoughts within my mind, when i'm battling to sleep,
if i don't get lost tonight, i will see ya'll in my dreams.

#night #thoughts