Evie Shockley Good Poems

  • 1.
    i. august 1619

    arrived in a boat, named
    and unnamed, twenty, pirated
  • 2.
    when your mother can rise from her place
    on the pew during the early service,

    early enough that the sun barely fills the sky
  • 3.
    when i was younger, trees
    were green, money was green, money
    grew on trees, or trees grew up
    and became money. now, money is clearly
  • 4.
    Dear Daughter,
    Can you be fifty-three this
    month? I still look for you to peek around
    my door as if you'd discovered a toy
  • 5.
    Dreaming the lives of the ancestors,
    you awake, justly terrified of this world:
    you could dance underwater and not get wet,
    you hear, but the pressure is drowning you:
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