Evie Shockley December Poems

  • 1.
    i. august 1619

    arrived in a boat, named
    and unnamed, twenty, pirated
  • 2.
    celebrations: what a star
    announcedâ??a birthâ??and then a chance to fold
    a year away, pull one fresh from the drawer,

  • 3.
    and not just twangy tunes that rhyme southern drawls
    with guitar strings, though it's true i knew charlie pride
    before charlie parker, but music, music, music, broadway
    numbers (one! . . .) broadcast over speakers in the park,
  • 4.
    the serene. let eyes ensembled
    peep the news sheets: ere
    december descends, we'll elect
Total 4 December Poems by Evie Shockley

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