Etheridge Knight Time Poems

  • 1.
    Shiny record albums scattered over
    the living room floor, reflecting light
    from the lamp, sharp reflections that hurt
    my eyes as I watch you, squatting among the platters,
  • 2.
    I was born in Mississippi;
    I walked barefooted thru the mud.
    Born black in Mississippi,
    Walked barefooted thru the mud.
  • 3.
    He sees through stone
    he has the secret
    eyes this old black one
    who under prison skies
  • 4.
    Taped to the wall of my cell are 47 pictures: 47 black
    faces: my father, mother, grandmothers (1 dead), grand-
    fathers (both dead), brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts,
    cousins (1st and 2nd), nieces, and nephews.They stare
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