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Etheridge Knight Books, Etheridge Knight poetry book Some Mathematical Models from Population Genetics Authors: Alison Etheridge
Publisher: Springer
Published Date: 2011-01-05
Categories: Mathematics
This work reflects sixteen hours of lectures delivered by the author at the 2009 St Flour summer school in probability. It provides a rapid introduction to a range of mathematical models that have their origins in theoretical population genetics. The models fall into two classes: forwards in time models for the evolution of frequencies of different genetic types in a population; and backwards in time (coalescent) models that trace out the genealogical relationships between individuals in a sample from the population. Some, like the classical Wright-Fisher model, date right back to the origins of the subject. Others, like the multiple merger coalescents or the spatial Lambda-Fleming-Viot process are much more recent. All share a rich mathematical structure. Biological terms are explained, the models are carefully motivated and tools for their study are presented systematically.

Etheridge Knight Books, Etheridge Knight poetry book Whitebeard Authors: M. C. D. Etheridge
Published Date: 2018-11-05
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
Did you know Santa was a pirate? None other than the pirate captain Whitebeard. Join Captain Whitebeard on his good ship the Rudolph's Revenge. There's plenty at stake as Whitebeard finds a mysterious treasure known only as the Emerald Envy and must prevent his sworn enemy, Jack Frost, from destroying the magic of Christmas.

Etheridge Knight Books, Etheridge Knight poetry book The Heart on Fire Trilogy Authors: William Etheridge, III
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Published Date: 2009-12-01
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
In the heart of Astzem in the small town of Sundare... A boy is taken from his home, and a young girl carries the burden of magic and a centuries-old secret. After the powerful secret is revealed, the lives of young Telol and Tera will never be the same. Runda, by author William Etheridge, is an epic journey back to freedom. Journey with Telol, Tera, and their strange companions as they are forced to fight against the darkness covering the land in order to protect those dearest to them. The destiny of a few will change the fate of all...discover The Hearts of Fire Trilogy.

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'And then the dark will all be light.'

We older children grope our way
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