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Aeschylus (UK: , US: ; Greek: Αἰσχύλος Aiskhýlos; c. 525/524 – c. 456/455 BC) was an ancient Greek tragedian, and is often described as the father of tragedy. Academic knowledge of the genre begins with his work, and understanding of earlier Greek tragedy is largely based on inferences made from reading his surviving plays. According to Aristotle, he expanded the number of characters in the theatre and allowed conflict among them. Formerly, characters interacted only with the chorus.Only seven of his estimated seventy to ninety plays have survived. There is a long-standing debate regarding the authorship of one of them, Prometheus Bound, with some scholars arguing that it may be the work of his son Euphorion. Fragments from other plays have survived in quotations, and more cont...
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Aeschylus Poems

  • The Beacon Fires
    A GLEAM -- a gleam -- from Ida's height,
    By the Fire-god sent, it came;
    From watch to watch it leapt, that light,
    As a rider rode the flame! ...
  • Prometheus Amid Hurricane And Earthquake
    Earth is rocking in space!
    And the thunders crash up with a roar upon roar,
    And the eddying lightnings flash fire in my face,
    And the whirlwinds are whirling the dust round and round-- ...
  • Fragment From Aeschylus
    The man who rightly acts without coercion
    Will not be grieved, can never wholly sink in wretchedness;
    While the lawless criminal is forcibly dragged under
    In the current of time when from the shattered mast ...
  • The Appointed Time
    Yet though a man gets many wounds in breast,
    He dieth not, unless the appointed time,
    The limit of his life's span, coincide;
    Nor does the man who by the hearth at home ...
  • Song Of The Furies
    Up and lead the dance of Fate!
    Lift the song that mortals hate!
    Tell what rights are ours on earth,
    Over all of human birth. ...
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Never 6 Fire 5 Mother 5 Fate 5 Time 5 Light 5 Earth 5 Hear 5 Holy 4 Father 4

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Ralphwaldo_lbl: if Æschylus be that man he is taken for, he has not yet done his office when he has educated the learned of europe for a thousand years.
Collins21bzuxz: aeschylus, i, persians seven against thebes suppliants prometheus bound (loeb classical library) e3kwbbw
Predovicofup: the big book of ancient classics: contains the works of aristotle, plato, homer, aeschylus... (the greatest collection 6) (en dekxeao
Carnby_n_ashe: //after finishing jortar’s profile the block i set out to finish it completed! onto the next set…let’s get some bad boys this time—oh and aeschylus is here too. ❤️
2ndsmartest: “that we must suffer, suffer into truth. we cannot sleep, and drop by drop at the heart the pain of pain remembered comes again and we resist, but ripeness comes as well. from the gods enthroned on the awesome rowing-bench there comes a violent love.” ― aeschylus, agamemnon 2/2
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