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Etheridge Knight (April 19, 1931 – March 10, 1991) was an African-American poet who made his name in 1968 with his debut volume, Poems from Prison. The book recalls in verse his eight-year-long sentence after his arrest for robbery in 1960. By the time he left prison, Knight had prepared a second volume featuring his own writings and works of his fellow inmates. This second book, first published in Italy under the title Voce negre dal carcere, appeared in English in 1970 as Black Voices from Prison. These works established Knight as one of the major poets of the Black Arts Movement, which flourished from the early 1960s through the mid-1970s. With roots in the Civil Rights Movement, Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, and the Black Power Movement, Etheridge K...
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Etheridge Knight Poems

  • Cell Song
    Night Music Slanted
    Light strike the cave of sleep. I alone
    tread the red circle
    and twist the space with speech ...
  • As You Leave Me
    Shiny record albums scattered over
    the living room floor, reflecting light
    from the lamp, sharp reflections that hurt
    my eyes as I watch you, squatting among the platters, ...
  • A Poem For Myself
    I was born in Mississippi;
    I walked barefooted thru the mud.
    Born black in Mississippi,
    Walked barefooted thru the mud....
  • He Sees Through Stone
    He sees through stone
    he has the secret
    eyes this old black one
    who under prison skies...
  • The Idea Of Ancestry
    Taped to the wall of my cell are 47 pictures: 47 black
    faces: my father, mother, grandmothers (1 dead), grand-
    fathers (both dead), brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts,
    cousins (1st and 2nd), nieces, and nephews.They stare...
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Black 4 Time 4 Red 3 Dark 3 Light 2 Large 2 Sun 2 Wall 2 Place 2 I Love You 2

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  • Seansingerpoet: etheridge knight
  • Floatingchidi: this poem changed my entire life when i read it. etheridge knight is just a good time
  • Fah451bks: black history books - black voices from prison by etheridge knight - (1970 rare )
  • Unitedblackorg: belly song and other poems by etheridge knight (paperback) $19.95
  • Lampblack_lit: along with madhubuti, nikki giovanni, and etheridge knight, she formed the "broadside quartet" of young poets, introduced and promoted by dudley randall. sanchez is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry, including homegirls & handgrenades (white pine press, 1984)
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