Rags And Riches Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Nation of rags and richesB
An individual's wealth is greaterC
And far above the common wealthD
Land flowing with milk and honeyE
Where the people are pauperizedF
And feed from dust bins NigeriaA
Now the global poverty headquartersG
The rich grow richerC
Cornering and convertingH
National resources to personal wealthD
Stashing billions of dollarsG
In accursed foreign accountsI
At the citizens detrimentF
Who groan under the weight of abject povertyF
Created by so called leadersG
Fit to lead only animals butF
Who pitch us one against the otherC
To kill one another like vile animalsJ
To promote their selfish and wicked agendaA
Of holding power fore'erC
The youth are cajoled into submissionK
With the ignoble title of leaders of tomorrowL
Yet that tomorrow never comesM
The crooked elders the centre stageN
Like collosus have taken dominanceO
No hope for the massesB
Are yet to realizeP
The real enemyF
Are those who claim to leadF
Whose only motivationK
Are greed and avariceQ

Emmanuel Inya Otu-nwachi
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/28/2020

Poet's note: The poem decries the corruption of political office holders and the impoverishment of the masses in Nigeria.


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Awoke Uchechukwu : “Global poverty headquarters..... created by the so-called leaders". What a sad reality
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