Corruption Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


We all talk against itA
Make wonderful speechesB
On the necessity to breakC
Its yoke and strangleholdD
Daily we talkE
Of recovered lootsB
And daily the recovered lootsB
Are relooted by no otherF
Than those who recovered themG
And we set kangaroo panelsB
Upon panels and committeesB
Upon committees to recoverF
The recovered lootsB
And the vicious cycle goesB
On and on while the nationH
Slides further and furtherF
Down the slope into the abyssB
Of poverty and the massesB
Groan under the weightI
Of a bogus leadership that eatsB
And grows fat as the massB
Of the people shrink with starvationH
We talkE
We decryJ
We probeK
But corruption thrivesB
And fights backL
Cos we fight invisible corruptionH
We never fight the corruptM
Instead the corrupt fightN
Corruption with kid glovesB
And make it resistantO

Emmanuel Inya Otu-nwachi
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/28/2020

Poet's note: The poem presents the problem of corruption and inept leadership in Nigeria and why it is difficult to eradicate it in Nigeria.


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Awoke U. Godswill: Excellent composition of every day happenings. God save Nigeria.
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