Life is a journey with definite begining.
A journey of indefinite end.
We know how and when it started.
But we don't know how and when it will, end.
This will depend on how and when we want it to end.

Life is a journey on both rough and smooth roads.
A journey where sadness and pain runs through the vein.
A journey of shameful affliction.
As well as of becoming drunk of of traumatic condition.
But also a journey of super-miraculous blessings, glory and victory.

Life is a journey that must be.
Responsibly and happily enjoyed.
So, enjoy while thinking foward.
Don't fraud your self like a coward.
Enjoy while prosper-minded people are, all around you.
But do not enjoy it, as useless by using it less.

Life is a journey to leave a positive legacy.
A journey to motivate and comprehensively, inspire.
A journey to super-melodize decades.
A journey to positively a afirm generations.
A journey to heal and bless centuries.

A life well lived, is a life well spent.