Come, let me tell you a tale of a mother.
Who climbed trees of pains, so further.
Who passed through several hard times.
Before her lifestyle grew right rehymes.

A tale of her and some great intruders.
How they strived to tatter her asunder.
How they tried turning her to a burren.
By enslaving and raping all her children.

A tale of her and some strange creature.
Those who strived stealing her treasures.
Those who yearned to plant in her life.
The seeds of sorrows and typical strife.

A tale of her and some angles of sorrow.
How they tried to re-design her tomorrow.
How they tried her like slaves with chain.
For their joy is to see her dying with pain.

A tale of her and her surviving tactics.
How she moved despite tightest traffics.
How she created an unforgetable story.
After she gained liberty and an external glory.