It's thoughts-and just One Heart-
And Old Sunshine-about-
Make frugal-Ones-Content-
And two or three-for Company-
Upon a Holiday-
Crowded-as Sacrament-

Books-when the Unit-
Spare the Tenant-long eno'-
A Picture-if it Care-
Itself-a Gallery too rare-
For needing more-

Flowers-to keep the Eyes-from going awkward-
When it snows-
A Bird-if they-prefer-
Though Winter fire-sing clear as Plover-
To our-ear-

A Landscape-not so great
To suffocate the Eye-
A Hill-perhaps-
Perhaps-the profile of a Mill
Turned by the Wind-
Tho' such-are luxuries-

It's thoughts-and just two Heart-
And Heaven-about-
At least-a Counterfeit-
We would not have Correct-
And Immortality-can be almost-
Not quite-Content-