A Tongue-to tell Him I am true!
Its fee-to be of Gold-
Had Nature-in Her monstrous House
A single Ragged Child-

To earn a Mine-would run
That Interdicted Way,
And tell Him-Charge thee speak it plain-
That so far-Truth is True?

And answer What I do-
Beginning with the Day
That Night-begun-
Since Midnight-happened-say-

If once more-Pardon-Boy-
The Magnitude thou may
Enlarge my Message-If too vast
Another Lad-help thee-

Thy Pay-in Diamonds-be-
And His-in solid Gold-
Say Rubies-if He hesitate-
My Message-must be told-

Say-last I said-was This-
That when the Hills-come down-
And hold no higher than the Plain-
My Bond-have just begun-

And when the Heavens-disband-
And Deity conclude-
Then-look for me. Be sure you say-
Least Figure-on the Road-