To my childhood love....
How many times we stared at one another,
We smiled babishly but scared to touch,
We sat at angles we'd glance at the other,
In that sunday school class,
Yet we couldn't share a word,
I'd shudder at your touch.

You'd watch me play with others at break,
You'd go physical whoever hurt me,
You'd wait for me at that Grade 5 class,
Incase I was late,
Incase I didn't show up...
Yet we couldn't share a word,
I'd shudder at your touch.

You'd escort me with your brown eyes,
Maybe you cried but I couldn't see,
As I disappeared home as the day dusked,
And it could be the longest of the nights,
Before another magical day...
Was it love or infatuation,
Maybe the latter was to lead to the former,
But all of us were fools, cowards!

At Grade 8 I thought you could man up,
But you stood there and wished me farewell,
Like any other candidate in that class,
And the words 'I LOVE YOU' were heavy for your young tongue!

Today I look back and recal with nostalgia,
As I go through the letter you wrote me afterwards,
That you loved me so much,
And that you needed me in your life,
But all these was too late,
Was already in love with another boy,
Who was to break my heart forever.

I've lived a lie all my life,
Just because you were a fool,
To say 'I LOVE YOU'