I am honored by your acceptance
You wish to see how my heart dance
What I've always been craving for
I'm now feeling like a senator
Finding me worthy in your warmed world
Where "love-you/">I love you" won't be a mere word
But with full access to your well and corners
Ever ready to serve like the waiters

A world so free to touch and feel
Nothing like assault climbing her hills
Stunt by hands instead of heels
With little grinding to 'on' and wheel
Naughty craving to feel so golden
Vowed to often lock me in her garden
To often practice well as the farmers
To have my seeds planted to grow flowers

Endless soundtracks till we hit our height
Tapping those currents even if it causes all-night
In different styles to suit our preference
Until satisfaction becomes our defense
We will still be high and become dame tipsier
To stay stronger and endure like a soldier
Till we come by riding and finish like a legend
Confessing our doings and wishing it'd never end.

Effi David