We played in the stream of Etegala,
Both he and she unclad,
Neither shame nor pride-
Like a suckling whelp and a blissful gazelle!

After the rains, we awaited the rainbow,
To grab our colours in the sky!
I was blue, she was white
And my neighbor yellow,
We knew no dark in us!

We fought and played over in the field, build castles in the sand
She was mother, I was father!

I rode the kite high the sky
So was my dream to be a pilot.
I would claim the jets up the sky:
Buy one for father
And pilot mother from home to America!

At dusk fall,
The yellow mellow bulb lit my once revered country yard!
I would find my life in the sky, choosing among the stars to call mine:

Life was floruit at cradle:
But the streams have turned vinegar and the nights cruel.
I wished the world never changed.