I've found an African woman,
A glorying gods of the pride of Barbados.
Your heaving breasts like ripened apples upon a cherry tree!
You whose swing of waist stills a turbulent sea.
The splendour of your ebony skin;
Like petals of hibiscus in the morning dew.

O African woman!
How long shall I knock?
Up up! And open up!
I'm a man in love.

Touch my black veins breathe-
The impulse of my love beats like piano from the fingers of Eros;
Erects my manliness like a sprouting tree.
Oh African woman!

I'm a man in love;
Come, kiss me with your honeyed wetness that syrupy like a spa!
Quenches the fury of hell
Tis a savor of the olive of Lebanon!

Forget, my bride the guiles of the Prince of Norway and the charms of Morocco,
Come dance with me
To the drum beats of my heart.
For i'm a man in love.