Alone Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


From childhood's hour I have not beenA
As others were I have not seenB
As others saw I could not bringC
My passions from a common springC
From the same source I have not takenD
My sorrow I could not awakenD
My heart to joy at the same toneE
And all I loved I loved aloneE
Thou in my childhood in the dawnF
Of a most stormy life was drawnF
From every depth of good and illG
The mystery which binds me stillG
From the torrent or the fountainD
From the red cliff of the mountainD
From the sun that round me roll'dH
In its autumn tint of goldH
From the lightning in the skyI
As it passed me flying byI
From the thunder and the stormJ
And the cloud that took the formJ
When the rest of Heaven was blueK
Of a demon in my viewK

Edgar Allan Poe


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