You N Me Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My world isA
always FocusedB
in one personC
That s youD
But I really don t knowE
In your worldF
I would be there or notG
My eyes are alwaysH
in search of youD
But your eyesI
fail to see meJ
Even if I amK
Just a breath awayL
You always hurt meJ
But insists thatM
I will be there for youD
For you I amK
More of a love toyN
But for meJ
you are my worldF
Actually I don t knowE
I was used or lovedP
Trusted or betrayedQ
Still I love youD
Love youD
more than my lifeR
I knewD
you will never goingS
to worth ItT
But I loved youD
loving youD
And will love youD
May be tillU
My last breathV

Drsobhasree Reji
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 04/22/2021

Poet's note: When look around watch around some lives some relations made me think ...took my sleep away may be at that point I wrote this


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