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Basically I am a doctor...a healer.. But I like to hear people... Their stories.. sufferings.. Am I a writer... don’t know.. I am interested in ... observing people .... nature.. Am I an artist... not likely.. And most of the time.....no .. no... Almost all the time.... I like to read poems ... follow poets... Am I a POET... I wish to be....! But one thing I can promise.. What I wrote was my thoughts... My dreams... My life stories.., A tear off page from my daily diary __________________________________ Dr Sobhasree Reji ...
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Drsobhasree Reji Poems

  • Oh My Baby
    That drop of tear
    Those wet eyes
    That red nose
    N that Weeping face ...
  • You N Me
    My world is
    always Focused
    in one person
    That’s you ...
  • Haunting Shadows
    A presence that is always there
    Right behind me
    Watching me like a hawk
    chasing me like ...
  • Silence
    Silence is fabulous
    it never needs any language
    But the Language of silence is beautiful
    Its’ the language of hearts ...
  • #life
    Woman is an unsolved puzzle...
    Men are complicated...
    Kids are mischievous...
    Society are interfering... ...
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Drsobhasree Reji Quotes

  • Sometimes Taking a detour to your destination may lead to a new path Yes a new perfect path
  • Detachment often help us To rediscover ourselves Sometimes repair n heal
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Give me the scorn of the stars and a peak defiant;
Wail of the pines and a wind with the shout of a giant;
Night and a trail unknown and a heart reliant.

Give me to live and love in the old, bold fashion;
A soldier's billet at night and a soldier's ration;
A heart that leaps to the fight with a soldier's passion.


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