A presence that is always there
Right behind me
Watching me like a hawk
chasing me like
the phantoms of past
Hunting me down like a predator
Is it a demon
Or a black soul..
Or is it an invisible monster
I don’t know
But it drives me crazy
It peeps into my privacy
It trespasses into my territory
What is it
Why is it here
I don’t know
When I turned back frantically
It just vanished
Vanished like mist
What is it
What does it want
I don’t know
Is it the shadows of my dark past
Or the shadows of
my Past sins and guilt
Or are they the people
who were the shadows in my life
Or are they the shadows
of the deceased ghost
In the graveyard of my memories
I don’t know
I really don’t know
But it haunts me
Haunts me like a nightmare
But I wanna chase away the demon
Erase the shadows of my sins and guilt
And clear all the haunting memories
And their scars and marks
How could I ever do that
I don’t know
But I will definitely gave a try
I wanna live
Live peacefully
At leat It’s my right