Water, Water, Everywhere! Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Does your throat gets patchedA
To wet your thirst till satisfactionB
Flora and fauna cannot do without For life growth and even habitatC
Precious for all living beings thenD
Drinking water keeps us chargedE
Life on Earth started and marchedF
From simple to complex cells bornG
For life s slow and steady routeH
Water played a very essential partI
Fill three quarters earth s portionB
Just as we too are so embodiedJ
From pure to being much pollutedK
The liquid s so preciously on rationB
The lifeblood of our precious heartI
Crimsoned for life to still circulateL
Else there s no breath nor motionB
Earth s needs too are so reflectedK
Clean water is much in demandM
All over the world in every nationB
So we must always play our partI
Save it now and be water smartI
Care in water usage is the solutionB
Be model water user of the worldN
Dr Siva MahendranB

Siva Mahendran
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/13/2022

Poet's note: Importance of water cannot be understated! It is the most essential element of survival after clean air on Earth for all of us!


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