So the little girl heard that night
Words of hatred papa uttered
First gun shot from the bedroom
More gun shots fired
So the little girl closed her ears

Tears down the little girl’s cheeks flowed
Too scared to shout for help
Papa thoughtlessly shot mama that night
Then turned the gun on himself
Misinformed was papa by a friend

Tragedy took my papa away from me
Death stole my papa too soon
Grave in cruelty swallowed my papa
Alas who will help me now

Papa taught me how to read
It was papa who taught me how to swim
Papa watched me play in the garden
Papa carried me on his shoulders
Papa put me to bed every night

Papa went to the grave early
Grave opened its mouth for my papa
Earth opened her mouth for papa’s blood
Mama now on wheelchair bound she is
Fighting limitations of disability
No friend available for my mama

Oh how I wish I could do something
Perhaps a little prayer I should have prayed
Papa would have been alive today
To watch me graduate from varsity
To walk me down the aisle when I marry

Papa will not see me grow up
Not sure if papa made it to heaven
A haste decision papa took that day
Shedding blood destroying his life