Mama beat papa the other day
Like a little boy papa cried bitterly
As though wishing for his mama to help him
So embarrassed was papa that day
Beaten like a naughty child in the days of old

Answers to his problems he had not
So papa to alcohol turned for answers
Just a little to cool his mind
A little too much for papa’s brains

A little pill mama started taking
Its name mama knew not
Advised by an unwise woman down the road
To take the illegal drug the deadly drug

Though I live in a mansion
Better are those down there in a shack
Though little food they share
Love and peace in their shack there is

Mistake me not to desire poverty
Only a papa and mama I desire
A role model in my home I have not
But the maid staying in squatter camp
Illiterate is mama’s domestic worker
Yet full of wisdom the maid is

Wondering, wondering I have been
Like a feather blown away by wind
So the domestic worker taught me one day
To pray to my Creator in heaven
Hope for life I have finally found